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      Working on research for a documentary I’m putting together for church. I’m also setting up a company to do Video Storytelling. I don’t want the tapes to just say “Fred J Claus Producer”, so my kids thought it would be cool to think up a name for my new production company. Makes it sound more like a company than a home business. This is what they come up with so far.

      Lone Husky Productions (because we have one Siberian Husky”

      Howling Husky Productions

      119 Films (for Psalms 119:111)

      White Buffalo Pictures

      Mohawk films

      Camera man Productions

      North Pole Pictures (Because my name is Fred Claus and the movie suggests I’m Santa’s brother)

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      The names are all good, and certainly could be built into a brand for you and your business, Fred.

      When considering marketing, however, do you really want a name that means something to you, or one that will mean something to people who are looking for you to provide them with video services?

      It’s a tough choice, I know. I originally started with CorElAnn Video Productions & CorElAnn Video, primarily because at the time the initials indicated the company’s principal parties, and also because the word “video” was included. That, I thought, would do better to degree than if my URL or domain gave NO indication the business was about video.

      Same with Video StoryTellers! which has worked a bit better for me because people might actually go to Google and do a search for video storytellers, or video story tellers. At this point the name does show up on Google’s first page results.

      With that in mind, and in preparation of releasing my upcoming definitive book and resource materials on funeral video production I’ve also acquired special Domains with URLs that might help my business show up more frequently when folks use key words dealing with funerals, videos, etc.

      I expect the funeral video production book to be announced for release and start taking orders by Dec. 15, 2010, and as soon as I get the second draft done, and my book doctor returns it with changes, I’m going to establish either landing pages using the new domains (company names) or set up redirects that will take people who enter these names to the funeral services page at CorElAnn Video as the landing page, or interlinking, etc.

      The point is I’ve learned the hard way that some element of my business name, or branch, and the resulting websites I develop and domains I acquire need to give some indication that I’m in the video business and what that aspect of my business is focusing on.

      But again, there’s nothing that says given time and money you cannot “build” ANY company name into a recognized brand that people looking for can find and know what it means in the way of services or products you provide. Take Ford, nobody would know that was a car without the history and branding effort behind it.

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      I’m a big believer in having a meaning behind the name.

      My current production company is 7Squared Productions – I got to this in a convoluted way but it has maning to me and my family (my anniversary is April 9 -> 4/9 -> 49 = 7 squared).

      A prior company I owned was Quest Software Systems, Inc., which marketed a mainframe utility I wrote named VM/Search.

      Personally, I like North Pole Pictures.

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      Thanks everyone. I’ve decided to just keep it Simple “Fred J Claus – Productions” is what I’m calling the company. I’m thinking about creating a website for both my video and still picture photography in a couple months.

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      I think you made a good decision Fred. Having the multiple-focus site or an individual site for each, linked to each other, will be a good move as well.

      Do it sooner, rather than later. And check out the potential behind using WordPress for website development, with somebody like HostGator for your hosting services.

      I’m working on learning WordPress, thanks to fellow Video StoryTellers! associate Heidi Mueller, of Canada, who contributed a four-part series on the subject on my BLOG. (VST associate Bill Mecca also uses WordPress, as does, I think, Jay Michael Long who recently revamped his blogsite. Fellow associate Michael Wright says he is also moving to HostGator and considering WordPress for developing his new websites) So, you’d be in good company.

      I’ve been using HostGator, having obtained a reseller account with them a year or so ago, and am now hosting my own videos instead of having to deal with an outside video hosting entity. Their live chat and other support is awesome. They’re based, I believe, in Houston, Texas.

      I purchased their Copper package at $35 a month, but they also have a cheaper one that is more than adequate for most website needs focused on a single business rather than expansion into a multiple client environment. No one entity in any of these areas is perfect in every aspect, but the resources I mention here come awfully close, especially for a guy like me who isn’t that HTML or other code savvy.

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      I’m going to have to look into HostGator. Right now my domain name is regeristered through and my photo site is hosted through SmugMug Pro at a cost of $150.00 a year. I’m learning though that the Pro features only give me custom watermarks, and the ability to process charges through the site. Since most of my clients are local, I don’t use the shopping cart feature, I have Square for my credit card processing. I’ll definately take a look at hostGator.

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