NAB 2012: Sennheiser’s SKP 300 G3

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      NAB 2012: Sennheiser’s SKP 300 G3

      Sennheiser SKP 300 G3plug-on transmitter is a very handy accessory to just about any audio kit. The transmitter allows those top-notch microphones to become wireless, saving space by eliminating cables which also provides freedom. No wireless signal is complete without a receiver, and theEK 100 G3is welcome match here.

      The applications are numerous, for news reporters, this allows more freedom in the mics to chose, as well as the liberty to move from place to place without being dragged down by cables. Event video companies should be able to provide emcees or other speakers with mic very quickly with the SKP 300 G3. Narrative film makers can get creative with a full compliment of mics.

      Please read more here.

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