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      Heh, well, there is a story – I’m in talks right now to shoot an identity theft awareness video for a large bank. I suggested we shoot the video in the white-field “mac vs pc” style. I was honest with them, told them I had never done it before, but I was sure that I could. They like the idea, but had skepticism that I could do it. So I set this shoot up just to prove to myself, and to them that I could. Once I had it set up, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to create a video profile for myself and my business. This is what I ended up with. Thoughts? I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

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      Kudos to you for goin’ for it with the bank. I hope to exhibit similar courage some day. (But I got a ways to go on my skils first.)

      My thoughts, for what they’re worth:

      The white field is about as good as it gets. I’ve seen some that look less than good–yours looks top notch. Transitions were spot-on. You didn’t overdo them but you didn’t under-do them, either. Lighting was great. Every segment was high grade footage. The whole thing was about the best HD I’ve ever seen on a Youtube video. Overall, it was about as good as it gets! Anyone put off by “shaggy dorks” is easily brought back by the quality of the production, that’s for sure.

      The only thing I’d suggest is mentioning the web site a bit more or putting the address on screen more or longer. I’ve seen the clip twice now and can’t remember the site (I’vevisited itbefore, but as a new viewer it might matter–you never know).

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      Hey Kenzo. If it needs something, I’m unable to figure out what that might be. Excellent promotional video for your production company. Concise, clear, great timing and excellent quality production samples.

      OK, the ONLY thing I would comment on as something you might like to avoid if at all possible, or even redo is the segment where your eyes are bouncing around a lot. In all the other you are direct and exuding confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge, but the ping-pong eyes did not reflect that very well.

      Production wise, outstanding. I personally would LOVE it if you shared a “This is how I did that, and what I did it with” article, blog or response here. Thanks for sharing, Earl.

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      Nice Job that’s all I can say

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      Good job.

      Some spots have jarring audio though. It’s jarring at :20, :26, :56, and when you cut to the “Thanks for watching” soundbite at the end.

      Also, the dialog at :56 sounds like it says, “feel free to contact me 360-570-0512….” I feel like you forgot the word “at” before you provide the phone number.

      Good job overall though.

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      Dude I thought you were the guy from ‘Anthrax’ at first!

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      Wow, that was AWESOME! As far as the white background goes, you scored a perfect 100%. It’s done very well.

      I liked the overall style, especially the way you positioned your talking head throughout the video. It made me want to watch your other videos, which I would, if my internet wasn’t so slow at the moment. πŸ™‚

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      Very impressive.

      Only one point and it is very touchy – Some corporate folks might be turned off by your final credit to – Not the music, just the name. Some folks are very sensitive to image presented – For example, I was advised by a business associate to NOT use my email (my personal address since the 1995) for working with a major client of mine as it did not seem professional enough for what I was doing, so I got another domain (two actually – one for IT, one for video) for my professional persona.

      However, the video was stellar!

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      Wow, what a response. I’m grateful for all the positive words, I truly appreciate it.

      I should have put the website more prominently throughout the video, but the idea is to use this as a kind of “welcome” video on my home page.

      In the section where my eyes are darting around, yeah, it does make me come of as a little shifty, eh? That’s also the only section of the video where I use the parlance “Uh…” I kinda felt like it was okay there, because I was delving beyond the business aspect of things and getting a little personal.

      The audio is very jarring in places. I did a lot of cutting to get this close to 1 minute. I should probably have rounded the edges of those audio clips a bit more though.

      I’ve always been slightly cautious about using Brad Sucks’ music, but the music wins in the end. He has all of his albums with each element of all the songs as separate .wav’s that you can download, remix, use for whatever purposes you want. Long as you credit him he’s okay with it, so I’ve used his music a ton, because it’s really good.

      EarlC, I’ll try to put together a little video on how I did this. It really wasn’t very difficult.

      Thanks again for all the feedback!

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