My Video Not Advertiser Frendly! WHAT YouTube?

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      Youtube disallowed this video from monetizing due to the fact that it is NOT advertiser friendly. Did you see some of the video’s that are monetized?

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      YouTube disabled 3 of our videos because: “we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial
      use rights for all included content. “.

      Two videos have legal public domain rights usage and the other one has music that we made and have a U.S. Copyright for. Now, we are wondering if we want to go through all the hassle. The music, I can send a copy of the copyright. The other 2, we might just let sleeping dogs lie.

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      They’re the BIG GUY, so they get to make the call. YouTube, frankly, is way too huge to promote ANY of my video and get me effective eyeball count, so I go another direction.

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      Earl, Please enlighten me on that direction if you do not mind!?

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      I was not allowed to monetize one of my YouTube videos because someone else claimed I had used their music, when the only music I had used was royalty free content that I created with Sonicfire software. Repeated attempts to reverse this false claim have gone nowhere. As EarlC has said above “They’re the BIG GUY, so they make the call.”Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.


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      That bird deserved it.

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      @Wayne – SmartSound is aware of the problem of YouTube mis-identifying some of it’s music as other copyrighted pieces (a few of my own vids had this problem and I was in email and phone contact with SmartSound).

      Just go through the dispute process and let YouTube know that you’re using music from Sonic Fire Pro (include the cue sheet info from SFP) and they will remove the flag.

      Yes it’s inconvenient but only takes a couple of minutes.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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