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      Okay, I’ve got a whole slew that I can think of right now…

      First of all, this new forum system does NOT work with Opera very well. Opera is set around standards, and websites should be written to standards. If things don’t work in Firefox, IE, or Safari (Which are not standardized and thus do not pass the ACID2 test), then you add in little fixes for those where needed. Please don’t write the forum directly for those non-standard styles (Personally, I’d rather leave the forum than change my browser experience, and a lot of others probably have the same sentiments). When a website is written to standards, it at least mostly works in other browsers, if not, completely works.

      Secondly, FIX THE COLORS! Other people have been complaining about the text of the colors. I also want to complain about the background colors. I am colorblind (very severely, which can make video editing a challenge. I usually have someone else help me with color balance, but I digress…). If I look VERY hard, I can see a difference between the two colors that split up forum posts. However, I can not easily see this and thus can not easily see when one post starts and another stops except for some textual cues. This makes it much harder to read for me because instead of nice blocks that I can easily read and digest, I must now squint and pick out the sections. This is uncomfortable for me and makes me want to not only browse the forum less, but give helping relplies to others less (which isn’t that the whole point of the forum?).

      Another point I want to make is just general UI. Make the forum post button a little more intuitve. Make the area you post a reply or new topic a little more distinguished than a header and grey line separating the above topic(s) with the post area. Simply do everything you can to make it easier to read and navigate even if this means making it look a bit more like the old forum.

      Fourth, fix this thing where the text doesn’t wrap properly. I can only hope this is part of the Opera incompatibility.

      Now, you mentioned that this forum change is to provide more functionality and help the users even more. I personally would appreciate a list of these new features. As of right now, it feels like the change was made for a sake of change with a vapor promise. I’d like to know specifically why the changes were made so I feel going through this troubled time is worth it.

      I don’t mean to be harsh in these comments. I just want to get my point across and let you know what I don’t like. I read an admin’s post that there were unexpected problems and this is an extended beta. Personally, it sounds like most of the testing is on us. I think your (the admins and creators of the new design) stress levels would be much lower, as well as our (the forum community) would recieve the new look better, if you did a little more testing on your own.

      My last suggestion is in hopes of sort of a (I hope very) short-term fix. What if you brought back the old style of the forum with an option at the top to view the forum under the new style. That way users who have a lot of trouble with it like me could view it under the old system until it was a lot better. I personally would be a lot more open to the new format if I had sort of a “transition” time to slowly get acquainted with a (working) new format.

      Thank you and I hope my comments will help improve the forums because this is a great community and I really do want to stay here!

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      One other thing I forgot about…

      When a link is clicked, it opens up in the same window instead of a new tab (prefered for me; my browser’s default choice), or a new window. Instead, I have to specifically tell it to open in a new tab or hit the back button to get back to the forum.

      Also, related to this (I hope part of the Opera incompatibility), is that sometimes when I click Back, it acts as if I’m no longer logged in. When I refresh the page with F5, it then recognizes I’m logged in (note: I don’t store my password so it’s not re-logging me in at this point). Just another thing to look into.

      One thing I just noticed going to hit the post button is that the forum looks like a fixed width size. It should preferably get the window size of the browser and fit to that size. Right now I have to scroll left and right just to see the ‘official’ edge of a post (not to mention scrolling even more when a post doesn’t word wrap properly!). I also have to do things like scroll right to hit the post button, which is a simple thing but can be very annoying.

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      doesn’t work with Safari either…..

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      I wish that somebody would take one of the suggestions seriously- GET RID OF THE RED TEXT! Nothing seems to have changed for the good yet- the look and feel is the same as day one. What is the goal here? I enjoy trying to help others despite the new format but it really makes the experience a downer when I spend more time trying to read or navigate this “beta” version.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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