My perfect tripod wish list..does it exist?

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      Light- I am only 5’2 and 119 lbs.

      Not cumbersome- I did a video home tour today and almost knocked over a lamp because I needed to move the tripod and the one I have takes a muscle man to set up and tear down.

      Up to $550

      Center post as well as adjustable head (the self leveling type like the 501 HDV Manfrotto, but I also like a center post but not sure if it’s an either/or..I would like people’s input on this. Which is better? )

      Using mostly for weddings and home video tours so I am moving around a lot

      I like a spreader bar, but would also like opinions on that also

      Camcorder is a prosumer Sony. model #DCR-VX2000

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      It is my experience that light and portable does not equate to solid and stable – not entirely, that is. IMHO there will always be a tradeoff between the two. Some lightweight systems, even those with exotic lightweight metals or fiber construction, while strong and light are also susceptible to wind, vibration and other exterior elements.

      The price range is workable, though many of the elements desired, to the extent they do exist, would jack that price up over the $1K barrier.

      I dislike center post designs because my experience with a range of these has been that when the post is cranked up, a major degree of stability is sacrificed for height. They range from wobbly to downright off-center and shaky, often taking away from the original stability of the three-legs and top head mount engineered to provide a degree of stability.

      A spreader bar or platform is nice and certainly helps keep the legs evenly spread, solid and together, avoiding slips and slides. The mid-height chain or strap spreaders offer the best of both worlds – mobility and stability.

      You could get closer to your desired system and price, maybe even a bit of shopping around would come close to giving you what you want.

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      Have a look at B and H whose equipment listings are second to none!

      Check out complete tripods, heads only, legs only etc.

      First, specify your price range! Then simply clicking on the ones that interest you will bring up extra pictures, specifications, features and, importantly, a bunch of reviews (for the more popular ones) Remember also that a lightweight tripod wont get left at home as frequently as a ‘beast’

      Here is a link to B and H tripods

      (Just a thought – ha ha) You can always carry an empty plastic coke bottle and fill it up with water, then just hang it from the centre column for a bit of extra stability if needed.

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      Nothing is really going to provide much stability for that center column, it simply becomes too prone to wobble when fully extended on most tripods with that feature within the price range indicated, or even higher for that matter.

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      I have searched and purchased a tripod from B&H and I am looking at it right now trying to decide if I am going to return it. I can tell the quality is great, but it seems so bulky…I practiced setting it up and tearing it down and even without the camera mounted I feel like a bull in a china shop. (It is: 501 HDV/ 547 BK Manfrotto)

      I will continue to search…thanks for the insight on the center post.

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      Wow im looking to buying a tripod at this very moment. And im looking towards the 501 manfrotto. If you can give me your review on this model. I would appreciate it. Thankyou

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      Have you ever considered a monopod? While it is not as stable as a tripod, theyare better thannothing at all. The best part is the very small foot print and are not as bulky or as heavy as a tripod. Just a suggestion.

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      Well i Have not considered a monopod, but it is a good suggestion. You described some good features about it. Im going to do some research on it. Thanks.

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      ahem… tripod…. if you only extend one leg, it will do a fine impersonation of a mono pod…

      Everybody should have two tripods. one heavy weight, one lightweight……

      when I need to travel light I take a manfrotto superclamp with ballhead, a bean bag, and a lightweight tripod.

      You can weigh your lightweight tripod down by hanging your foto backpack on it….


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      Manfrotto makes a monopod with feet, 682B self-standing monopod. A bit of a compromise but might fit what you need.

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