My older Hi 8mm camera has RCA plugs.

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      I want to transfer the Hi 8mm videos to my computer. As I have mentioned…I am having problems with Pinnacle. It has been said I should go with Sony. Pinnacle comes with a hub for transfering, do any of the Sony products come witha hub?

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      One thing that was not discussed was your system. Capturing video ALWAYS works best when more than one hard drive is used. If you only have one, your system might not be able to handle the load.

      Typically, one hard drive is to run the program and the other is for video. One hard drive will be frantically attempting to read the operating system, run the application and transfer video simultaneously. The write head on your hard drive will be working a mile a minute. Thus why frames of video gets dropped. Even my old P3 with 256MBs of RAM and a Pinnacle capture card worked great when more than 1 hard drive was used.

      Processor power and RAM may not be quite enough. Try getting a second drive and capture all your video to it. What’s the point in having a turbo charged car if you only have 1 tire?

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      I purchased a Pinnacle 500-USB converter-hub-thingy. It came with some software and this little blue box. Just got it about 6 months ago, and it works great for any analog device with red/white/yellow plugs. I use mine with a Sony 8mm camera, and a Sony VHS camera.

      NO PROBLEMS here… πŸ˜€

      Of course my computer does have a huge storage capacity, and 3gig of ram. You need lots of ram to really do this computer video editing stuff. By the way, I only have one hard drive (partitioned), and I haven’t dropped a frame yet (knock on wood). X-D

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      My Sony Handycam came with a cable that connects the camera to other video/audio devices – It also allows me to use it as a digital encoder that takes a VHS video & audio feed and passes it through to the computer via the firewire port so I can capture.

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