My official music video debut

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      My first music video based on what i learned by reading videomaker magazine.THANKS VIDEOMAKER!!!!

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      Nice job – very watchable. Is that A1 footage?

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      Oh i forgot to tell what i used.

      I used the canon HV20.

      i had the camera in cinema mode and 24fps.

      for the indoor shoots i used a 500 watt tungstun and a 150 watt par can.

      both lights i got off of ebay for a total of about 60 dollars and that includes all shipping.

      i edited using final cut express.

      It could not handle the 24fps though.

      so i imported at 1080i/60.

      it took 6 hours to shoot and 16 to edit.

      Thats because i was just fooling around with everything to see how things work.

      thanks for your comments!

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      Great debut.

      I’m really impressed with the image quality. Very sharp and the colors look great. Pwrlogic, have you thought about starting a Videomaker blog. It’s a new feature for us and I’d love to see you get involved. We’re allowing Videomaker readers to start a blog on our URL. If you upload your video to YouTube, you can embed it in your Videomaker Blog and then everyone can see it and rate the production quality. See an example of that here on my Videomaker Blog, I’ve coined it Monty’s Afterword

      If you’re interested in doing this you can learn how to start a Videomaker Blog here:

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      That is nice quality. For a camera costing much less than the A1, I’m impressed by how A1ish it looks. I’d definitely own one of those.

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