My new piece: For anyone with a sense of humor

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      This is a video version of a one-act called Fart-Zen.

      I did not write the script, so I am not looking for a critique of the subject matter; please keep the critiquing strictly to the production values, camera work, editing, music, etc.

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      damn, that girl is hot!

      Your audio is bad though. Use a boom with a shotgun mic in the future.

      And you cut from wide shot to wide shot a lot. You need close ups. I’m not sure how much preproduction planning you’ve done, but thatdramaticallyincrease your production values.

      I didn’t like the opening title sequence either. I didn’t like the farts, but it worked with the video content, and thats what matters, so that ok. But what I didn’t like was the wobbly text.

      ps. does that girl have a myspace?! hook me uuuuup

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      I also saw one cut at the end when the girl walks out where her movement didn’t match up right. Once again, preproduction planning……..

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      Haha, I’m not sure how old you are…but she’s 16 and currently unavailable. Sorry haha.But thanks a lot for taking the time to watch it, even if the video itself isn’t what kept your attention! I keep on hearing the same advice from everyone who I ask to critique it, so obviously those are some pretty important issues.

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      I agree with robgrauert aboutthesound.It was veryhardtohearthesubjects.And Ithoughtthegirltalked waytoofast.

      I’m not sureI agree with the shotgun mic suggestion.ThoughIdon’t knowthetechnical detailsof why, most people oftensaya hypercardioid mic (a form of omnidirectional mic) sounds more “natural” indoors. Of course, if your on a tight budget, a shotgun mic will usually sound better than the camera’s mic and will generally be useful in a lot more situations than a omnidirectional will (i.e. if you can only buy one mic now, get a good shotgun like a Rode NTG-1 or NTG2).

      Ialso agree thatthe wavyletters weren’t very appealing.They wavedso muchit was kindofhardtoreadthem. If youcan decrease how much theletters move, thatwould work much better.

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      As for the speed she spoke at, she was supposed to be an uptight business woman just rambling; what she said wasn’t entirely important. But for all of your other advice, I really appreciate it. I have recently started looking into buying a mic. How much am I in for if I want a quality product on a budget?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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