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      Hello everyone,

      I made a video for a 9/11 memorial in my town for them to show at the dedication. It went well but everyone in my area is either a potential client or still cant figure out why I color grade my footage, so I couldn’t get anything other than “very good” out of them. I would love any constructive criticism you can offer.

      The Town of Highland 9/11 Memorial

      Side Note: What is a fair price for a video of this quality?

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      overall the video was good…

      may i throw in a few suggestions for the future…

      -carry the music through the credits

      -use a steady cam or tripod to avoid the shaky shots

      -use some transitions through the stills,

      -need a full frame shot to show the final product…


      all in all, good… you had some nice angles and footage for sure…

      what camera-software did you use?

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      Agree with Gabriel about carrying the music start to finish.

      I would also add the compositing toward the end was already viewed footage and did not really add to the video.

      Also, the content to credits ratio was pretty low – I would suggest adding a few minutes of non credit footage and/or photos.

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      Thanks so much for the advice. This is actually the short rushed version, so hopefully the long one will have a little more footage. About how obvious was it that most of the video had no stabilization? I tried using slow motion and good handheld technique, as well as working the shakes into the editing. To answer your question of what I used:

      Cannon 60D with 18-200 f.35-5.6 Lens
      Rode NTG-2 Microphone
      Ronalde R44 Recorder
      AudioTecha Headphones
      $20 micstand
      Less than $100 in cheap lights
      Cheap Wallmart still tripod

      Adobe Production Premium CS5
      Magic Bullet Denoiser

      I hope to get a little more equipment soon, and get a little better, but does anyone have an idea of what a video like this is worth? Also, could you explain what you mean by “the compositing toward the end.”

Viewing 3 reply threads
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