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      This is a webisode I did for a client that has a design company I used I-movie HD to edit it. Let me know what you think….


      Power Moves Productions

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      The video was over long before the Youube version was – You should check your source video.

      Audio was not great but that could have been my PC speakers (watched on a different PC than I edit on).

      Not a fan of the zooming, maybe use seperate shoots with wide and tight shots, then edit between the two.

      I also thought the intro was too long (became annoying after 10 seconds). Not like you had a lot of stuff for the viewer to read.

      Just MHO.

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      I like the idea behind this and would like to see more of this type. Thehost could have covered more of topic,s accomplishments and a little more history background would have been nice.

      I, too, found the intro titles too long. Since both sequences display the same talents, they could be tightened up together to something on the order of 10-15 seconds total run time and get to your subject matter sooner. I also found the closing credits confusing since there was no apparent connection to the topic at hand.

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      Thank you for the advice

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