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      These are from a bike ride event that I filmed for the heck of it and then turned into spoof advertisements. Kind of what got me really going and wanting to start a career in videography. They’re good for a cheap laugh.

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      Joshua, looks like the RONBRI is quite fun. You’re in the right place to learn about video production. From your photo, it looks like you’ve got some solid equipment. Keep up the good work and reach out when youwant more info.

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      Well I can say one thing…you are probly a fun guy to hang out with on a weekend Joshua! πŸ™‚

      Grill, drink beer and talk video production, that’s a high tech redneck holiday!

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      The Ronbri looks like a lot of fun, but i quit drinking when I got old enough to start having 2 day hangovers, the short term pleasures of drinking were not worth 2 days of misery. By the way,how did you keep spraying beer foam off your lens.

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      They should do a Discovery Channel show about this event, and call it “American Ronbri” Good work on the video looks like a weekend well spent. I would work on your audio mixing a bit, but for the first attempt its pretty solid.


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      Thanks, not getting too close to the action was always on my mind. Had a beer poured down the back of my shirt during the water balloon fight. Good times. I haven’t been able to shoot it with any of my new equipment yet but thelittle hand held panasonic served its purpose. I plan on using some Gopro’salong with my HMC 150 this year so we’ll see how that turns out.

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      The voice overs sound rough on account of me recording them with my cell phone while driving to Iowa from Texas. Had about 15hrs to come up with them.Much better equipment now. haha

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