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      Hi, this is my first video compilation, shared here (also my first post). Looking for any constructive criticism. Videos shot on Canon 5d Mk II and GoPro HD Hero. I know, there is lot of things to do with postproduction and editing (this is just simple cuts), but my concern is atm more on videos itself. Also I’m planning to get dolly soon, so now its just static videos, I hope I’ll improve that soon. Thanks for wiewing and especially commenting πŸ™‚

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      Awesome footage, awesome scenes, GREAT angles, interesting perspectives, and man I live in California and rarely see the beautiful skies and dramatic skies your footage depicts. What is cool also, is that your scenic production reminds me of the continued series of videos Reader’s Digest put out years ago featuring classical music and scenery ranging from flora to fauna, etc. I always wanted to do some videos of a half-hour or longer of various elements of nature, geography, etc. and set them to classical pieces. Mostly, I want to do this for myself because occasionally, when I’m not pounding the keyboards or reading (or writing) and producing other video, I enjoy such “mood” videos as what you’ve done here. Beautiful footage that represents what your camera is capable of generating. Love it! Of course there’s more you can do, but nothing is wrong with a minimal (FX and movement) approach when the subject matter is represented so beautifully. Nothing static about nature except possibly a glacier πŸ˜‰ Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

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      Robert, great scenery, great video quality, sometimes less is more, no need to gild the lily, static shots present the subject beautifully.I wish it were longer, sad to see it end. I can’t help but ask what equipment was used to get this great footage (camera, lens, filters, etc.)? Keep shooting.

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      I agree, great videos! keep it up!

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      Great stuff.

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      All of you thanks for courageous words πŸ™‚

      @EarlC- about skies you right, I found out one thing, crystal clear skies with dramatic clouds you can find more in northern parts of our planet than southern. I live in Slovakia (Central Europe), used to live for some time in Cyprus (Mediterranean), but never before seen so clear and amazing skies as in Norway. It is prolly given by different angle to the Sun, but skies are in north amazing.

      @vid-e-o-man – I used no special equipment, it was just Canon 5D Mk II with “set” lens 24-105 f/4 and Manfrotto tripod. No filters, nothing extra. Not even polarizer πŸ™‚

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      Very very nice.. an inspiration

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