My first stab at a love story

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      This is my first stab at doing a love story and would like your feedback as I value it greatly from everyone here on Videomaker. Be honest and sincere, I have pretty thick skin. The couple really likes it. I was wondering if I should put an elegant start screen on it to open or announce the video, what is your opinion? Thanks in advance.

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      Thanks for sharing. I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt. However, there are 3 main areas to think about with regards to improving the overall impact.

      1) Video Length

      10:22 is very long for a love story and I think it could be condensed. But the final use will dictate this. Is the video just for the couple or do they want to share this with others? If it’s just for them then fine – but others will struggle to keep their full attention. I would aim for 5 mins max. nice and snappy

      2) Background Music

      Have you considered adding some instrumental music to the background? Music adds so much emotion and helps keep the viewers attention. Think it is really missing this and will benefit hugely for some carefully chosen music.

      3) Video Colours

      The colours are very cold (blue) and this definitely needs some attention. just needs to be warmed up.

      Hope this helps


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      Thanks BL, usually I work in studios and not in natural light. The project was started 2 hours later than it was supposed to be and the sun was very hot at that time. I thought about shortening the video to 5 minutes but wanted this length because Joshua is headed for Afghanistan and and what he will be doing is very dangerous, he is the guy on the outside of the humves. More for her than anyone else, just in case something goes wrong over there.

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      One thing I do differently than you (there is no right and wrong) is the intro… I make these primarily for the couple, so there is no need to start off with the “Hi, I’m Joe So-and-so” and “Hi I’m Jane Doe….” type intro… I start off with a couple Ken Burns pans off the baby and child to highschool montage photos… him as a baby as she starts off saying “Hi I’m Jane Doe, and I met Joe So-and-so at…” then her baby photos to high school photos as he intros himself and talks about how he met her and fell in love…. The photo montages really seem to be a hit with my clients…. but like I said… it doesn’t make one way better than the other… I just feel like the intro on your video, feels like it is meant for a general audience, rather than an intimate talk about them to each other and thier families and close friends… does that make sense to you?

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      Mary Ann: For a first attempt, Charles, I thought it was very good. I liked the cutaways, helped make the video that much more interesting. I kind of agree that some instrumental background music could help support the emotion of their narrative. The length, FOR THEM, is fine. Especially knowing your feelings about providing this special production for her with Joshua going to Afghanistan. All-in-all, good job Charles.

      Earl: Charles, we watched BEFORE reading the input from Shaun, didn’t want it to flavor (if it could) our perspective. I agree wholeheartedly with what Mary Ann said.

      I also noted that you had many areas where backlight, or bright background caused problems with detail of faces, etc. I know this can be a bother. And I wondered about the color, so heavily leaning toward cyan. I’m partial to cool colors and not THAT fond of hot and heavy on the reds, or too warm, but believe a bit of warming up could help the flesh tones as much as anything.

      I know the many challenges that come with putting together a love story and I also know that with the quality of audio and narrative such as your production has, it is nearly impossible to not please the couple. THEY are the ones who count, for the rest of us it’s the technical stuff πŸ˜‰

      Finally, I personally would have liked seeing MORE cutaways to other creative shots, but I also can relate to running out of them. I nearly never have enough to carry me through more than a song-length production.

      So, my 2-cents? Warmer color, use backgrounds that aren’t so bright (find bushes, barns, trees, etc. that will not create such open bright background to contend with), and some kind of mood music to complement the narrative.

      Well done. Good job and NO WAY with what you captured were Joshua and Melissa going to be disappointed. They would have had to love it.

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      I found out you can warm up video a lot better in After Effects using Mojo and Collorista, once it is finished I will post a link. Don, I took your advice and removed the intro, I am so used to doing corporate and testimonial work that it is second nature anymore. I want to thank everyone for their input on this as it will surely help in future projects if the needs arise. When I get a second camera, I man even try a wedding, still leery about that realm of the business though as I have been doing mainly corporate for 2 years now.

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      This is the revised, color corrected version.

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      You done good, Charles. Looking forward to reviewing your various video productions as you decide to share. Man I love this forum and the great bunch of people (new and regulars, beginning and experienced) who keep it moving in informative, positive and entertaining ways.

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      Thanks for sharing. It was touching and makes me become a mature person.

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      Hello Charles, nice and sweet video thanks for sharing. Earl and others offered all the right points, I would like to share a link to some great royalty free music.
      Kevin MacLeod is the music producer and he has the terms of use on his site for his music, I think he has the best license for music out there.
      Due to the changes in copyright laws I have taken to using only his music. Thus far it has all worked out for me. That said I do feel that a love story has a greater impact with music in the background. As an experiment try this. Watch a movie like “Notebook” or some other love story with the sound off, (most love stories rely heavy on music) and you will FEEL the impact.

      I myself have produced several love stories, I am not sure of the total I have done. One thing I do with ALL my love stories, etc, I let the couple watch a beta cut with me. I watch their reaction to the film. (I then finish the project with their reaction in consideration and also add in the stuff I left out in beta to give them more). One think I learned about love stories for couples, more is better. In my first few I kept it at 10 minutes and under, most couples were oh hum, they felt it did not capture them. I bumped it up to 15, in the end I found the sweet spot at 20 minutes divided in thirds. 1/3 her, 1/3 him 1/3 both. In the him her parts I did cuts back and forth of both of them telling their story. I never have the couple together when filming their background (how we met, why I love him/her, first date, first kiss) I film both on same day but without the other around. I then crop the stories together based on the parts they are telling, a back and forth type give and tell. Their stories NEVER match and the couples almost laugh themselves silly.

      But I thought many of your shots were excellent. I would indeed add music. I can’t post my love stories due to the fact that I used copyrighted music in those and youtube is killing me over the use of copyrighted music, so I removed all they had flagged, but I think music would give you the warmness.

      The funnest love story I ever did was that of an American girl and her groom to be from Japan. he spoke English but had trouble with syntax, so he was very funny. And their “how we first met” stories were so far off it was priceless. I ran it at 20 minutes and when they watched it, it was laughter to tears and back to laughter. They were awesome to watch while watching it.

      But I feel you are on the right track, and remember the first few are always looked back upon and you will say, “I wish I had done…”

      But good work.

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      This is my first stab at a love story . . .

      Is this a deliberate pun?

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      Did not even thing about it that way. Too funny now that I think about it.

      Thanks all for the comments.

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