My first stab at a Love Story

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      This was my first attempt at doing a pre-wedding day love story. This is only samples of the entire video, as the bride and groom wanted to tie it in with the photo montage – but figured sharing that, people would fall asleep before it came to the video sections. I would love any critique and feedback!

      I know a few things offhand that could be improved to begin with. To be honest the couple came to the shoot roaring and ready to go and I think my first mistake was letting them do what they wanted – but they had so much energy. When they were in front of the camera solo I was off talking to the other half, and did not realize until I got home that they told the meeting story 3 different times. If I had known their plan (poor planning on my part) I would have set up 3 different locations – they must have gone over every detail as t all tied together pretty well.

      Next was the engagement story. It never made the final cut due to the fact they had different ideas on how to go about it and they decided to keep it out even after I offered to do a re-shoot. I know that would be a key part to the whole love story, and my next one I hope to come more prepared with the right questions to get the right kinds of responses.

      SO – what I definitely need next time is a plan, instead of digging in, making a mess, and trying to fix it later.

      Thanks in advance for any responses!


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      A few suggestions, not that I have shot any videos like this; when they are on the bench talking and you have them one at a time, have the girl in her original spot on the bench and keep the camera locked down for the whole bench interview. That would help in the continuity as it was a little jarring when they were not in their original positions. I was not too keen on the leg shots but that is only my opinion.

      Even though they gave the same story three different times, you tied them in very nicely.

      Personally, I think you did one heck of a job and I am sure they will love it.

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      Thanks for the input Charles,

      I would have done what you suggested had I known their plan. Or set 3 completely different areas. That was just my ignorance on “Hey, this couple is really in to this, I barely have to work!” But I understood what they were trying to do after I got home and put it together. I will note the feet shots – or at least shorten them a bit?

      The couple really loved it, as well as everyone at the reception. The next one I will have to start charging for.

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      This was also my very first use of my Glidecam, and I have never used anything like it before. While I liked the shots (some were a little tipsy, but I have had no previous experience), it did give me some tendonitis in my wrists that I have been battling for about a month now. Sadly I think it is going back up for sale, and hopefully I can get a smaller one for use with my NEX5 for when I really want these type of shots. The Z5 was just too darn heavy.

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      Doublehamm, great job. As Charles noted a lock down of the bench with the individuals moving in and out would have improved the shot but I really liked the way that you fixed it in post.Super job with the glidecam footage. As always practice makes perfect, trying any equipment out and practicing before the shoot is essential. Your work certainly deserves to be compensated. Keep shooting.

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      Doublehamm, Are u based in Winnipeg?

      Anyways, good job on the storytelling here are my two cents since you asked for them.

      – the couple directly looking at the cam for portions of the interview (unless you are shooting NFL films then it would have been fine) but for a love story it’s a bit off.

      -Great job on the steadicam however i wouldn’t use too much slow mo on them

      – color grading is flat

      – some shots were too long

      Nevertheless, good job and i’m sure the couple loved it.



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      This will be quick as I am headed to bed and will expand further, but about the color grading:

      The couple had stated they wanted a bit of a grunge/urban look. I have never really looked into this or know any real techniques other than just poking around myself. I did de-saturate the video and add some warmth to it. Not sure what else I can do or if anyone has any good pointers for a look like this?

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      I liked it – Highly watchable – Sure there is always room for improvement in technique as mentioned above, but these are minor things – learn and move on. Most importantly you got me involved/interested in the lives of strangers – In my opinion the toughest nut to crack.

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      Considering the beautiful location with the lake, it would have been ideal if they could have been sitting on the grass on a picnic blanket, maybe holding hands and talking.  There would have been perfect natural lighting for the scene.


      Also, around the 2:40 mark is a voice over of 'loving' scenes where they are expressing their feelings for each other (vocal) and seen holding each other, etc.

      That would have made an excellent start for the video.

      As you say, there will be other parts to this video.  But you have a lot of editing to do.  Still a nice start. 




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