my first shoot sucks,,, need help

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      Have a RENDERING question,,,

      does rendering degrade footage within a project ???

      I just shot a graduation and spent about 20 hours editing ( am a lil new at this .. you guesed right )
      the footage looks fine on the timeline as well as the saved clips in my premiere folders
      so I set out to burn a dvd and yuuuck !! the whole thing looks like crap

      I shot it 24p,, capture via firewire 24p , did nothing too fancy except disolve transitions and added cool AE clip fot a credit roll.
      I did do renders throughout the project so hence my question,,, did rendering degrade my clips ??

      Also,,, do I have to finalized the project onto the master track ,,, I did not do that ,,,

      someone please help


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      I had a similar experience. I think I was spoiled by the quality of my computer monitor; then when viewed on my TV, it’s just not as crisp-looking. πŸ˜• Can you play the MPEG on your computer? Probably looks almost as good as an AVI, right?

      Although there are tricks professionals use to make an image look sharper. Try shooting a water scene, with sparkles dancing off the surface of the water. Looks sharp, right? It seems like having tiny areas of white and black, against a medium background, make an image look cleaner or sharper. I’m sure those academy-award winning DPs have a few more tricks up their sleeves. πŸ˜‰

      Ken Hull

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