My first real video

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I know it's nothing special but we are trying. I did everything on a iPad

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Drop all the profanity and you would have probably said about 20 words in the video. Video quality was acceptable for YouTube, effects not bad, story line interesting. While different, which we like, and a little profanity is somewhat acceptable, you went overboard on it. Try to think of a video that you can create that has another good story to it and drop the profanity and see what you can produce, you may be surprised.

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If everything was done on an iPad, I'm impressed EXCEPT for the profanity. I'm not a prude but the profanity doesn't add anything.

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To tell you the truth we also felt that way after watching it a couple of more times. I agree the profanity just doesn't add anything to it. Yes everything was done on the iPad 3, I am as surprise as you are at how powerful it is