My first post…Should I buy Panasonic PV-GS400 ?

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      Hi to all,

      I’m a newbie of this forum. I’m encourage to register here because of many reasons particularly in Video (shooting, editing, equipment, etc.). I’ve only known magazine, when I saw the magz back last September of this year in one of selected newsstand in our country (the Philippines)… I bought few back issues and the current one which is the October issue wherein they features the panasonic pv-gs35 videocam model which I have 5-months now for personal use only.

      Well, sorry for the long introduction of this post I’m just so excited that at last I am now member of this forum.

      I just want to ask your opinion guys regarding this Panasonic PV-GS400 video camera. Any comments (pros & cons) about this product? I’m asking you this because I am planning to upgrade or let me say to buy a new one for other purposes like school and community events that I used to shoot.

      Or what is the counterpart of this model from other brand? I need your inputs prior to buy another video cam.

      Thank you very much.


      P.S. I really enjoy reading different views, opinions and suggestions from this forum. I learned many things regarding video. God Bless!

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    That link should have everything you would ever want to know about the PV-GS400, I personally prefer Sony cams, But the PV-GS400 looks like a solid unit with some wonderfull features, If I needed a new cam, I’d definately give this one a second look.


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    Thanks for the link you’ve shared. That helps me to evaluate for my next video cam. Thanks to this forumers…

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    Yes, I agree with compusolver 100% on that.

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    Okay, thank you all esp to Compusolver for his piece of advice.

    Btw, I never yet purchased any item thru Internet coz I’m hesitant. I prefer to visit the store and pay it out if something I want to buy.

    Again, thank you.

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