My first new dv camcorder, help?

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      I have a RCA HI8 (DSP3) & my wife does not like to take videos of our 10-month-old twins. She says its because that it doesnt have a LCD screen. So while memories are being lost while dad is @ work. First tooth coming in, first crawl etcSo Im about to make a major purchase on a new DV video camcorder. Ive done some research on camcorders but everywhere I turn I get a different story every time.
      What I would like to do with the camcorder is, Home video, you know video the kids in playing outdoors, & indoors in low light @ grandma & grandpas house who seem to only have one light on to light the whole house, & to use it on vacations, & close up back yard birds & animals on a tripod. But if I choose do a wedding here and there or possibly go into the Intro. of videography I would like to use that same camera for a little while until I get the money for a dedicated & better camera. I just got a knock what does this mean? I like the size of my old RCA it feels like a camcorder should, It’s a tad on the heavy side @ times. Todays camcorders feel like a trophy to put up on the mantel or a heavy piece of jewelry that should be worn around my neck. you know what I mean smaller and smaller again. But if smaller is better, then I want the credit card size one. Just show me where the eyepiece is & the record button is. LOL. Ill get use to the ones smaller than my hand. Just promise that they be coming out with GPS & or lojack on it..ya. right. Anyway Im looking to spend $700 to a $1000.00. Darn! Thats like a mortgage payment! But I really do want the fine detail & quality their. Everyone that Ive talked to gave me the impression that 3ccd is only a concern when I get into the $3000.00 to $5000.00 range and that you really cant see the difference until then? I will edit everything I shoot on a PC for now (Mac later from what I have heard). Because that is what I have now . And once I roll tape I very rarely turn it off. Good or badI dont know? That would tell you that I have not edited anything yet 7 you are right. But, I figure I wont miss anything & I dont have to worry about fading in & out all the time. I think I should be looking into a Sony or Cannon directionstill in debate? DV format, 3CCD? I dont know? If the quality is there with a $600.00 to $1000.00 camcorder then Im there! I have a ton of questions on video (camcorders) & editing sorry getting tired of typing J Too much to type, confused, please help? What kind of video camera do u have ? What do u use it for? How much is itor was it? If u you were go to buy another one which one & likes & dislikes? Is there a site that they compare DV camcorders side by side. No not with the star ratings. Real users? Thanks MK.

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      😯 Wow, that was a big post.

      For camcorder comparison I use I like it because they have “experts” who review the equipment and give you pros and cons and they also have customer review that give their opinion about how the cameras work in real life situations.

      Well, that’s my 2 cents.
      Good luck!

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      Quick reccomandations: Sony HC30, Sony HC42, Canon MV790, Canon MV850. Take a look at those. They’re so cheep and cheerful.

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      Ok, so for under $1000 you should check out the panasonic 3ccd cameras. Example PV GS 400 From what I have seen, the images that these small 3 ccd cameras get is better in terms of color reproduction than that of the single chippers. The cameras are still very small, and light, and have only electronic image stabilization. All of that means it’s hard to keep a steady shot. If you could go for more money, definately get a Canon GL2, it’s got great optical image stabilization, and it’s big enough but not huge. Check out for the best prices and good products.

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      1. look for a color viewfinder.
      2. 3 CCDs make your video look much nicer than something shot with just 1.
      3. Smaller is usually NOT better.

      I suggest Canon. I’ve heard that their Optura and Elura models are good for home videos and amateur cinematographers.

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