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      I wrote this song recently and decided it would be perfect to practice shooting and editing. So what do you think? I have tough skin. This is my first real effort at something like this and really would appreciate critiques. Thanks!

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      mad props for diving in, brother. I like that.

      I dug the emphatic text treatments to a point but starting predicting them. I’m thinking their use could be cut in half. I liked the usage of angles. The DP was comfy… was that you? Nice.

      The song was hard for me to hang with. No dig against any message, just intro level rymes that became as predictable as the text effects. All in all it felt like what it was.. two dudes ina field with a camera and a guitar. On the upside, brother, 2 dudes diggin what they do is a marketable thing. Don’t discard your passion here. It’s what lead you to not only shoot and put this together, but to post and ask opinions. My opinion is this is far and beyond what most people’s first music videos are and my advice is to tear into a second one like right now.

      I hear your message. Don’t underestimate the power of the very medium you are diving into though. You can look at the lens and tell me as a viewer. You don’t have to get sesamea street with abcs and 123s on the screen. Most would rather watch it than read it.

      in short, rock on.

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      Thanks for taking the time for watching, as well as the
      thought out reply. I appreciate your honesty and encouragement!

      I believe you may be
      right about having too much text. I also
      believe the lyrics are simple; I believe the target market would definitely be
      a younger demographic. However, despite
      the simple lyrics/sound, what would be a way to transform this video from a guy
      in a field (both guys are me), to something better? I feel what youre saying, just having a hard
      time visualizing anything different.

      Anyone please feel
      free to answer this question or comment!

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      Jamie, bravo on your first attempt! I’ve seen other music videos from established people that I didn’t like watching as much as yours. I agree with Grinner about the text but I found the lyrics enjoyable to hear. Maybe on the text, just use one word out of a phrase instead of the whole phrase. ‘Oh now Jesus’ – just show Jesus, ‘I feel your light’- just use light, etc. But a little of this could go a long way. I also suggest that more visual interest could be generated by cuts to other scenes or scenes with effects to demonstate the lyrics. ‘Loneliness’- show yourself from a distance in the middle of a field. ‘Light’- you with backlight or other light effect. ‘Sinner’- show yourselfentering atavern, etc. ‘Soaring’- you appear to use green screen just increase the appearance of motion with a fan blowing on you. As with any effects you can certainly overdo it, there is a fine line between just enough and too much. Keep shooting.

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      Great advice, thanks for your response vid-e-o-man!

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      Yup, pretty good for a first go at a music video jamie. I agree with everything the vid-e-o-man said.

      Nice tune to start with, and plenty to work with too. I’d say take the advice and use it in your NEXT music video. I look forward to seeing more.

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      Thanks, onehorn. Absolutely, I hear ya on the next video part πŸ˜‰

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