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      This is my first music video (or real video for that). I made it for my friends band with the canon zr800 i got for christmas. I used sony vegas to edit it. ITs kinda blocky on youtube, but not bad.


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      First, good job on visuals.Song, could have been an outtake from London Calling (Clash); way to go to the band.

      Some excellent closeups of guitar work. One of my favorite shotsin my own live band work is down the neck of the guitar. You got the idea real quick!

      About your basic setup shot with cam infront of band, a medium shot. This composition was out of balance. Whythe extra space to right of rightmost musician, whereas you were crowding the leftmost musician?

      Also, the above shot was almost in the overused category. You were probably in a hurry. Why not more drummer closeups for variety. The one quick drummer shot was very good.

      In closeup shot of rightmost musician, the only one, you cut off his strumming hand. This is where the action was; his fret hand wasn’t doing much. An obviousglitch.

      If I were programming videos for a national cable network,I would look for the above glitches to be fixed before putting you on the air.

      Not bad overall. Keep improving andGus Van Zandt may be recommending you to the Red Hot Chili’s ina few years due to his busy schedule.


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      Great job. Really nice work for your first video. A lot of beginners have the nasty habit of trying to do too much in their first video with crazy camera movements and video effects. But you didn’t and you let the subjects of your video be the focus. That’s perfect. The only suggestion I’d make is that I would have liked to have seen a few more close-ups on the band members. Let us know when you next video is up!


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      Thank you all for the comments. I did take more closeups of the band, but they turned out really bad. I was going to re-shoot, but they have a really busy schedule.

      My next video is a catcher in the rye trailer for english class. its gonna be sweet!

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