My First Love Story Music Video

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Hey everyone!

Would love to get some constructive criticism on my first "love story music video" I just shot and edited.

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I'm not familiar with "love story music videos" but I'm happy to give my thoughts.

First of all, nice photography!  Dramatically, there are many nice moments (shot of her on tiptoes, etc).  There seems to be a LOT of kissing-- but that may be more a reflection of my age than of the medium.  I wondered if another song would have been a better choice-- one about kissing.

Since it was labeled a "music video," my first question is: what if you can't get the rights to use that particular song?  I'll assume the couple asked for that particular song.  There were many references in the song that weren't capitalized in the video ("crooked smile", "take my hand", etc.) so, really, using another song wouldn't be that much of a problem.

Again, I am not famiar with this form of storytelling.  The production values were very strong.  I'm giving the same comments I would were I critiquing a choreographed song on a stage.

Very nice!

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I like it.

I will like to know what camera are you using?