My first film fest award

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      This is my first attempt at embedding a video so it may or may not work.

      This past week our local community held a film festival and I managed to win Best Editing and came in 2nd in the Viewer’s Choice award.

      I guess it’s technically a fan film but that usually means something about Star Wars or Star Trek.

      I reached a lot further back to come up with a new version of “Captain Video”

      Hope that works, I’d prefer it if the forum had a “preview” mode.


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      congrats on your award!

      the link worked fine, i quite enjoyed it. i’ve actually taken a look at some original episodes on youtube. never heard ofthat seriesbefore.

      you had a nice mix of the original series (the intro, the voice, the logo/graphics, etc.) and a contemporary feel (hi def color, space graphics, and even the gestures made outside the craft). Great stuff!

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      I appreciate the comments, sorry to take so long to reply, I’ve been in and out of reality the last week thanks to a sinus infection.

      I’ve had a lot of fun working with buildingmodels, working with greenscreen,and figuring out the effects software over the last couple of years.

      A couple of things I was particularly proud of was getting as over the top an actor as I found to play “Dr Pauli”. As soon as I met him I figured on the kind of performance I’d get. The other was having a fellow retro-fan in England put in a good performance that he shot himself and I edited in to the final product.

      Overall, far from perfect, but it proved to me that my basic philosophy that movie making should be a fun experiance holds true.

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      Whoa! You had someone overseas shoot part of it and give you the footage? That’s quite an accomplishment in and of itself (not being in the same room or even on the same “project” together). I wouldn’t have guessed that at all. Now that’s movie magic!

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      Good stuff. Congrats on the award!

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