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      Well… I took the plunge at getting into Adobe software and purchased the Premier Elements 4/Photoshop Elements 6 bundle and just finished installing it on my dual core editing system.
      I am aware that it is not their "pro" software but I’ll have to say it looks like nice stuff for the money. I’ll be starting a new project soon and am looking forward to seeing what it’s got. I especially like the fact that my Digital Juice 3 software will now show all the Photo Shop layers it was designed for. I’ll step up to the pro software later as needed.
      I also use Serious Magic VC 2.5 Studio, Pure Motion Edit Studio Pro 5 and Gimp.

      Have any Elements users installed this new release yet? How does it compare to earlier versions of this software? Any feedback appreciated.


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      Hi Misfire, I just got Adobe CS3 (previously had AE 5.5 and Premiere 5) I don’t know how they compare as far as features but I’ve always liked Adobe stuff. I see you’re in NC, where are ya and how old, how long ya been goofin’ with video? What kind of video projects have you done?

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