My Computer does not recognize my camcorder Vista OS

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      I recently had to reinstall Premier Elements 3.0. because my computer had crashed and I had to reformat the C: drive and reinstall Vista Ultimate and then all my softtware applications. (Photoshop 5.0 works just fine.) Before reinstalling Vista and PREL, I had no problem capturing video from My Panasonic PV- GS500 3CCD camcorder and have a number of prior PREL files that I can open and work with in PREL.

      Yesterday, I opened PREL and tried to start a new project,directing the upload fileto a third 5 Gb. onboard hard drive that I use exclusievly for Photoshop and PREL videos. When I set the camcorder to tape playback mode, hook it up via forewire or USB2 to my computer, I hear a sound and am told that my device is ready for use, however, when I open “Computer”, Vista Ultimate does not show the camcorder as a storage device. When I open PREL and select camcorder to upload my video, the get video light flashes red and then greys out. Any suggestions?

      By the way, my granddaughter downloaded and installed Apple iTunes two days ago. Would this be a problem? Finally, I have installed Nero 8 Ulta, which is new. I did this to be able to copy CD/DVDs.

      Chuck Carr, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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      This is just a shot in the dark, but here’s what I’d try to do.

      I don’t have a hard drive I can connect through a firewire port. But I do have devices that connect via USB 2.0 that can act as either a web camera or a storage device. But the computer can only acknowledge one function. And that function must be selected in my camcorder’s menu before connecting it to the USB port. So it seems likely to me that the solution to your problem is to insure the camera is configured to act as a storage device instead of it being a camera. As I mentioned, I’m not sure how the IEEE 1394 (firewire) port decides what a device does, but I know that for USB ports, the device itself always tells the computer what it is. So check your camcorder menu for the USB setting and confirm it is set to be a storage device.

      Now I would guess this might just solve your problem. If not, you may need to update, or re-install, the drivers that came with the camcorder. So give the device setting & driver issues a shot and let us know what happens.

      Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

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      Dear Barefoot,

      Thanks! I’ll try your recommendation. I have an old camera and can’t locate the CD with any drivers. I imagine that I can dowload some from the Panasonic website. Thanks again!


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