My camcorder shoots .mov!

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      Hey all!

      I have the JVC Everio GZ MG 130 camcorder. I am sorta happy with it and sorta not. But anyway the thing that gets me so mad is that when I import the video it comes in as .mov! How do I edit that…my video editor Pinnacle Studio doesn’t work with that flormat! How do I change the flormat or is it good that it shoots as .mov?

      I can still return it…should I or what can I do to change it.

      Thanks in advance,

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      The specs online say it records in MPEG-2?

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      I read that too, jetson, but do realize that MPEG-2 is a codec, not a muxer, so it could be MPEG-2 in a QT/MOV container.

      ElfQrin — How do you access the data from the camera? [what interface, what software (if any), etc]

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      I am using the Power Ciniama software like the manual said to get it off the hard drive. IT is coming in at that flormat as .MOD — is this good? IT won’t work with my video editor…how can I change this.

      I access the data by using the USB cable and PowerCinima starts. This lets me access the back up part. (JVC told me to do this) then it backs it up to the folder I had made…and then when I open it it won’t beacuse it is an .mod file. If I change the extention to .avi it will work.

      What is wrong? Will I have to do this every time?
      How will I put this into my editing software (Pinnacle Studio) since you don’t really "capture" anything?

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      WAIT! it is actully in .mod

      when I import it into Pinnacle Studio I have to purchase an activation key for it to allow "two level" encoding and decoding…hmm.

      Do you know how I could get it in like a standered flormat like my old Hi8 camcorder did.

      I am off to Chicago for the next three or so days!

      So thanks again for all your help and any new help would be awesome!


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      I hate to post again, but I looked in the manual and it shows the files as .MOD files! How will I edit the video?

      I looked at this page on

      Video can be copied directly to a computer via a USB 2.0 connection, however, footage appears as .MOD files. You can manually change the file extension to .MPG to view the footage, but audio will not accompany the file.

      Does that mean I won’t be able to edit the video on the camera at all as long as I have it!? Are there some cameras that aren’t editable? I forked over alot of $$ and now this is making me dissipointed! }:-@

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      I have forwarded you questions on to the Editorial Staff.

      A few staffers have more experience here than myself, so I’ll let them go at it!

      happy shooting,

      andrew @ videomaker

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      Hi Danny,

      What version of Pinnacle Studio are you using?


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      It sounds like your machine does not have a licensed MPEG-2 Decoder installed and Pinnacle Studio wants one.

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      Hmm…is it possible that he could import via WMM and export as a .wmv or .avi?

      I have never used a USB camera, so I would not know.

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      I am using Studio 10.

      It wants something (Studio) to convert with.

      Have you heard of a camcorder that would do this before?

      I have tried to change the extention to .avi but then it wants some extention to edit two layer audio and video again.

      I got this from some JVC person in Japan that can’t speak English…but I am not exactly sure what it means…does it mean that I won’t be able to edit the video AT ALL?

      "I understand you are inquiring about transferring your files to your pc.
      Unfortunally at this time in order for you to edit your files or see
      your files on pc you will need to install the software that came with
      the camcorder. You will not be able to convert the MOD. Files to
      anything else unless you use the software to do so. If you need
      assistance with this you will need to contact cyberlink at . Please open the attached file to download the
      software guide. I’m certain this will help you in your efforts.

      We, at the JVC companies, regret the difficulties you have experienced
      with your JVC product, as well as any inconveniences those difficulties
      may have caused."

      I can’t believe someone would make a camcorder this horrible! After all the positvive reviews I have heard with it!


      Thanks again!


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      Did you install the software that came with the camera? Even if you don’t use this software, it will most likely install necessary codecs for other software to use.

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      Little secret. I hate to ruin thins for you, but…

      Pinnacle Sucks!

      Just thought I’d tell you.

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      I can’t believe someone would make a camcorder this horrible! After all the positvive reviews I have heard with it!

      I checked the site you posted. Reviews are on a 1-10 scale, with much of the scoring on everything at or under 5.

      Why don’t you import via the AV jack – some versions of Pinnacle come with a box that will take video from the camera via the yellow, white, and red cables and transfer them to the computer. Do you have the converter?

      I don’t use Pinnacle anymore, and I might have the converter laying around.

      I noticed that you live in Ohio, and if you are willing to pay for mail service, I could mail the device to you to check out.

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      Hey Ryan3078, I do have that converter and it is working but I have to wait for it to import in real time, also the audio will get off with the video and that is one of the reasons why I bought this new camcorder! I think the new versions of Premiere
      Elements and Studio support .MOV so I will try that.

      Those employess at Best Buy know NOTHING about videography!

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      You do not need to return your camcorder/buy anything. When they say you need to purchase the activation key you actually don’t. If you just keep following the steps till the end the price of it is $0.00 dollars. Therefore getting the codec/product/thing to make it work for free. I have it activated on my computer and I have done it for free. This should help.


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      Yeah, I got screwed into buying Pinnacle Studio 10 too. Have you installed the latest update? (I think it’s 10.8 ) Also, if the audio is getting ‘off’ during capture your computer may not be equipped to capture with Pinnacle 10.

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      As we know MOV is the native Apple format, and it supports many compression types, which includes MPEG or H.264 compression. However, you may come across problems when trying to import MOV to Pinnacle Studio. This could happen because of the different codec in a number of MOV files as Pinnacle Studio(even the latest Pinnacle Studio 17) might not support all of these codecs.

      To get rid of the issues, you will need to transcode QuickTime MOV to a more "edit" friendly format for Pinnacle like AVI or MPEG-2. 

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