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      I am keen to do timelapse/interval recording but my Sony HDR-XR500 does not have the functionality. I have heard of a gadget called an intervalometer but it seems to be made for DSLR cameras only.Is there a workaround ? It would be appreciated if someone could share their knowledge on this.

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      The intervalometer is for DSLR cameras only. You may be able to do timelapse video with a Focus Enhancement Portable HDD or Flashcard adapter connected via firewire to your cam. If you don’t have firewire…. Check out the spec’s on whether your cam supports these devices at B&H Photovideo.

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      I have great results just lettin it roll and speeding it up to my liking in post

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      I will follow up on your suggestion. It goes around that the DSLR camera produces better quality time lapse (in still picture mode) than the camcorder. I simply don’t want the added complications that DSLR brings.


      Yes,”….just letting it roll…” will do it. The problem is the file size. To do an African sunset for an hour, in HD, will produce a monstrous file ! How do you work it ?

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      The Firestore FS-100 does excellent timelapse, I use it with my Panasonic HVX, if you can’t afford to buy one, hire it out and check it out, it’s a great piece of kit.

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