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      (if this is in the wrong section, please don’t delete it, just move it and excuse my ignorance, I just don’t want my long post gone)

      So here’s the deal. I bought a vx2000 last february (06) and I loved it. One thing I didn’t like was threading lens’s on. This really hurt me because I was always worried about cross threading and having to replace my entire VAP unit ($550 repair) as a consequence. Also, I hated that it took me time because when I shoot, I need to be ready in seconds (you have to see me manually set my camera, it’s like rapid fire now). What I decided to do was make something that would allow me to take advantage of the bayonet mount of the vx2000 that the lens hood uses. After a few weeks and a bunch of bad ideas, I came up with something perfect. My bayonet adapter was born. On one side are bayonet tabs that lock onto the camera and the other side has 58mm threads. Now what I do is screw my lens onto my adapter just once and I’m good for life. I just snap on my bayo (takes no more than a few seconds after practice) and I’m ready to go. People really liked my bayonet adapter so I figured, hey why not make some money? I don’t have a job anyways. Anyways, I ended up selling my vx2000 a few months later and bought a vx2100 (the vx2000 was having audio problems) and I still use the bayonet adapter, here is a picture of my vx2100 and a batch of bayonet adapters I have made. These are for sale for $35 including shipping to anywhere in the US (including hawaii and alaska)

      Oh and because I’m a new member, here’s some background information….

      -My name is Amit, I’m 17 years old and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I absolutely love video/photo gear. In addition to my Sony vx2100 I have a Nikon D1 DSLR that I love shooting photos with. I have sold on several websites including and under the same name, "amit" (plus my last name on dvinfo since it’s needed). I have an ebay feedback score of 56 and 100%, You can see my feedback here..

      and be assured that I am a legitimate seller. I use paypal (and money order if necessary). Also, on paypal I have a feedback score of 28 with no complaints ever filed.

      If you are interested in buying an adapter, please either post here or email me at

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      This is really a cool idea!

      I think a lot of people would benefit from your adapter.

      PM’d you.

      -andrew @ videomaker

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