My 29.97 fps video varies the playback fps. I need constant playback

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      I’m using Vegas 11. I’ve rendered it out 29.97 fps but when I view the playback details I get variable frame rates ranging from just under 15 up to 29.97. I need the playback to be constant at 29.97 fps. I need to output a quicktime file that has a constant playback of 29.97 fps. What am I missing?

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      Your video is indeed 29.97fps. When Quicktime says it’s not playing back at 29.97fps, it means just that – it’s not playing back at 29.97fps. That’s Quicktime Player’s fault. It does not mean your video doesn’t have a frame rate of 29.97fps. For whatever reason, Quicktime isn’t reading all the frames fast enough to play everything in real time. Perhaps your hard drive is slow. Maybe the video is highly compressed and hard to decompress for real-time play back. Could be a number of things…

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      How are you viewing the playback details? If this is timeline playback, odds are that your computer can’t keep up and is dropping to a lower frame rate in an attempt to do so.


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      A graphics card has to buffer data. It loads so much then will begin to play, how much it can store depends on the RAM of the card. If you are experiencing stalls or slowdowns like that its likely you have a card with little RAM for what you are trying to push through it. There are more technical aspects of Graphics cards and GPU in regards to this but it ultimately comes down to “Card Speed” in the end and that’s simply how fast your card can process data and how much it can store for viewing on screen.

      Try rendering out an SD version of the same video. If your current one is HD. If its already SD then just try rendering out a smaller version. Then see if you get smoother play back. If so then I’d go with the graphics card/GPU speed and could also conflict with QT player and make it worse but I think its a hardware issue.

      Your graphics card can only store so much data before play back on the monitor but if those pictures to display are smaller, it can store more of them and you will get a smoother playback if its the graphics card.

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      I agree with Rob that the issue is with QuickTime not processing the frames fast enough and that your file is probably fine. This could be your CPU if you have used a complex algorithm, or your hard drive if it is a large file size. QuickTime itself is often the culprit – try a more efficient player, such as PotPlayer or VLC, and compare results. I very much doubt that the problem lies with your graphics card.

      Post the render settings you used in Vegas as well as your CPU, hard drive, RAM and OS specs. This will give anyone trying to assist you a better idea of the possible reasons for the dropped frames.

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