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      well, this might be a stupid question but i didnt found the awser on google.

      The problem is that i work whit avid media composer and a xdcam at work. So the XDCAM gives me .MXF files for my media, and all my archive are in .MXF At this moment i have no editing software instaled on my computer at home. But i would like to have a small one like sony vegas, adobe premiere or something like this just to mess around my footage after my day of work ,

      Yes i would like to have avid but now i am more investing in my camcorder instead of my computer, its a piece of crap laptop that can make some video, but cant support avid, just the minimal requirement for adobe and vegas.

      So my question, do you know a sotfware that could work whit .mxf files and support 1080i hd resolution. I am ready to pay the price, its more a question of minimal system requirement.

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      Have you looked at

      The following talks about how to do the converting

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      Thats not rally what i need,

      I just need a edting software that can work whit HD .MFX files

      I know avid support them, but i dont know if theyre is a other one like sony vegas, adobe premiere or ….

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      MXF files are containers utilized by panasonic P2 formats and Sony XDCAM.However, eventhough they are both .MFX files they are completely different.

      I have worked with P2 MXF files in Premiere and I love them….Premiere loves P2 MXF and they handle great. I have read that Premiere also handles XDCAM MXF files and XDCAM is listed in Premiere’s accepted format guide,but I cannot comment on how well they perform in Premiere since I still have yet to work with XDCAM…My guess is that’ll they’ll handle just as well.

      Vegas also accepts XDCAM MXF files.

      Since you are working on a moderate laptop, I suspect that working with HD might be a little painful…If this is the case, I have noticed that Vegas will operate more smoothly than Premiere on a substandard computer when working with HD files.

      Your best bet is to just download a free trial of both Premiere and Vegas and see what you can and cannot do.

      Good Luck!

      *Note many programs will not yet accept XDCAM files recorded at 50Mbs. This shouldn’t be a problem since most XDCAM files are recorded at 35Mbs an lower.

      BTW, for those that care….XDCAM at 50Mbs has been compared to Digital BetaCam….

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      Yea, i cant support Premiere cs4

      I will go whit the demo of vegas 8.0, to see if it works.

      Thanks a lot!

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      To use MXF files in Avid Media Composer, you need to convert the MXF to format supported by Avid Media Composer first. The best format is Avid DN x HD, so you can convert MXF to this format for importing into Avid Media Composer. And for converter, I suggest Aunsoft TransMXF.

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      Now, MXF is widely used and widely accpeted by NLE. Adobe Premiere Pro(CS6 and above) and Sony Vegas Pro could natively support the format. What you need to concern is your computer performance, usually we found even on the top-end computer, you’ll find that the video is extremely choppy, and that it can be close to impossible to do frame-accurate edits, let alone the older one.


      And avoid a long rendering, sometimes you can choose to transcode your MXF files. Personally, when I import MXF clips into Avid MC, I would convert MXF to Avid DNxHD with Brorsoft MXF Converter in advance and end up with a smooth workflow.

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      I use Vegas Pro and deal with MXF files a lot. If that's too expensive for you, give Vegas Movie Studio a try. Trial versions of both are available so try it and see if your computer can handle it.



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      Or you could try to convert your MXF files, and now FCPX can support MXF format natively

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      According to your needs, suggest you one software I used called mxf converter from pav. this one I used to handle my mxf files from SOny PXW X70 and reload them into premiere. 

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      Hi, I would to ask, does VideoStudio X9 also supports .mxf files?

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      You can find here: how to edti mxf files with VideoStudio Pro, they work very well and are very easy to be edited πŸ™‚

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      For MXF Format, I’ve had good luck with
      It lets you select preset options for converting video formats
      This Mxf video converter and its pretty effective for amateur-level editing in easy mode, and you can also go all in depending on how much time you want to spend with its full mode.

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