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      Hi everyone. I am getting closer to getting my dream house/studio and hopefully will have it completed by June. Right now I need to plan on gear, as my funding partner wants a complete list of everything that I will need so we can have everything ready to go as soon as the house is complete. I have started the list but would like some input on what I could be missing (I am sure I am forgetting quite a bit!) There will also be a 4k theater in the basement solely for business. The house will also be 100% Cat6 (or higher) wired in every room.

      So far for the editing suite and server closet:

      Editing PC

      Videomaker/Facebook PC

      Production quality monitor

      2 PC monitors

      ~30 TB of NAS (rack mount – will be using RED Epic so I NEED the space)

      Decent speakers

      Multiple UPS

      For the Theater:

      Sony 4k projector


      Integra pre/amp


      GoldenEar Triton Cinema2 speakers (9.1 wired system)

      As for equipment, we will be ordering 2 RED Epics soon, and I will also need to gear those all out as well. Any ideas for some must have support gear for this?

      The main room will be a about 12’x12′ with a walk in closet on one side for storage, and another 3’x12′ closet/room on another side that will house all computer and networking components.

      Thanks in advance for any help!

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      A room for me?

      OK there I am trying to be funny again.

      Are you going to be doing any shooting in the studio? If so a green screen or if you can afford to give it up, paint an entire wall to be used as green screen and set up the lighting permately. Also if doing studio work, reflectors and extra lighting.

      If the theater you are setting up is to be used for previewing your work/videos then you might want to consider a few “hidden” cameras capturing the audience reaction to the film. This is invaluable data when you have a question about a production. In fact in 2 Star Trek movies the endings were reshot due to the reaction of the test audience. Star Trek Generations and I think ST II, but can’t seem to access that memory at the moment.

      I think what you have is sweet, many times when I have had trouble falling asleep I have fantasied about having something like this. We just bought a huge beautiful house (it was a foreclosure and we nearly stole it, it is an amazingly beautiful house I never thought I would end up living in something like it), anyway it has the room for a studio and a shoot room, and we still have not closed yet, so i will lay in bed some nights just dreaming about doing what you are doing. Your front man, will he pay for mine? Being funny again. Just the few things I suggested is all I can think of.

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      The house will be missing a dedicated SHOOTING studio – although there is plenty of space to do so. The “family” room in the basement I think will be approx 17’x17′ so I may paint one of those walls green – if my wife lets me. I anticipate most of my shooting will be done outside the home. BUT I will still need lighting and other equipment.

      This is definitely a dream come true. It is still surreal to me, and actually WAITING for it to happen before I fully believe it. I started as a mere wedding videographer, and my son by “accident” became friends with a kid who’s father has been producing and making beats for Universal Music for years. Long story short – he now wants to get into video – and with even barely knowing who I was started coming up with insane ideas – and we have become good friends in recent months. Now, once this is all said and done, I will owe my life to this man, BUT it was a deal I could not pass up! I have even tried over and over again to make sure he understands we do NOT need RED cameras – we can go a lot cheaper – but he refuses…

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      How come I never run into folks who will have RED rigs no matter what and have the cash to outfit them? Well, one thing is for sure you won’t be using those to shoot small gigs! That may be a good thing. If he’s hooked into Universal, you’ll soon be working at a completely different level with clientele to match. If he’s just into throwing cash, you might talk him into at least one Canon C300 because there will be stuff you won’t be able to shoot the RED with because it won’t be mobile enough. As for the whole complaint about it being 8-bit, get a capture card from Black Magic Design as they have the capability to bump 8-bit to 10-bit. With the sensor the C300 has, the footage will hold up when edited with 4k. If nothing else, maybe you can get him to front for a RED and a C300 ’cause you’ll need some flexibility. Just a thought. Congrats on your good fortune!

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      You never know Wolfgang, it just might happen…

      Anyhow, this is all still preliminary and not real yet in my head – but the detail that he wants for everything we need to order and that he has put into the process so far points to it happening. Once the groundbreaking on the house/studio happens I am sure it will hit me that this was all not just a waste of time and is becoming a reality. Until then, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed. Also find a way to settle this daydreaming down a bit…

      My biggest fear is we get all this gear and then…..? He seems to be the kind of guy that wants to dig in and make a mess now and then worry about it later.

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      Sounds like you’ve got some genuine concerns. Since this is a partnership, have you two drawn anything up in writing? If not, you two better sit down and hash out what each other expects initially, what the plan of action will be in addition to what return is expected. You’re both about to lay out a significant amount of cash, time and resources on this thing that has all the earmarks of a business partnership. Once you two get the details nailed down, then they need to be put into writing by a lawyer(s) who represent both your interests.

      Have you worked with RED gear before? There’s a serious learning curve with it on both the production and editing side. Plus, if you’re going to be bringing clients into your home you have to get business insurance.

      You’ll also need to file as a business with your city government which means Code Enforcement will have to inspect your home and areas dedicated for the business for safety and OSHA regulations. If you have any infractions (and you will), you’ll have to come out of pocket to get them seen to which may be expensive. Things like handicapped accessible ramps, fire doors, fire extinguishers and on and on will more than likely be required.

      All that’s going to cost some money and you’ll need to know beforehand if your partner is going to be willing to forego one or both of those RED rigs to pony up for those items Code Enforcement hits you with. Both your expected contributions to this endeavor needs to be in writing.

      Lastly, you two are starting up a business partnership. Is your current business going to remain separate or get folded into the partnership? Also, what kind of partnership are you planning? A full partnership (equal or based on percentage kicked in) or will you go more corporate with a Limited Liability Partnership? That’s going to be more stuff your lawyer will have to prepare and that too will cost money. Don’t forget the Business Plan! Food for thought.

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      Thanks for the info.

      I have never had hands on experience with RED before, but have been doing a lot of reading and will do everything in my power to learn the beast in a timely manner. I was HOPING this deal would come a bit sooner as I know there is the “boot camp” for red at the end of the month that would have been nice to attend. They even have a camp for kids in the summer to learn these cameras – I think my 9 year old son might enjoy that next year.

      I already know what specs my PCs are going to need, including their $5000 video card. My primary NLE is Sony Vegas and I know that the latest version is suppose to support RED files. I do use After Effects sparingly – but will also start learning Adobe software more thoroughly soon. I would like to be proficient in every major NLE out there within a couple years.

      Now the entire basement as a business does bring up a lot of concerns. I might have to look into what is required before hand so it could be implemented during construction – possibly at no additional cost.

      He did ask me to start making a detailed list of what I need for his lawyer…

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      Make sure you have your own lawyer look at whatever agreement you draw up. The thing about ‘agreements’ is they tend to favor one side. In order to get a balanced one you’ll need representation as well.

      You also should seriously think about getting the Adobe Production Bundle. I love Vegas and use it regularly. But, when I need to do work that’s going to need a larger proportion of finishing, it’s done mostly with Adobe CS. Particularly since you’re going to fork over $5k for a graphics card, it makes sense to take advantage of Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine.

      Premiere’s interface is very different from Vegas, but it’s not too tough to learn. Learning it will help some with AFX as the many of the controls are the same. Anyway, long as everything is drawn up, both sides can live with all the expenditures coming down the pike and you have a firm plan of action, this should be quite the adventure for you.

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      Thanks, I will look into a lawyer. I REALLY like the workflow in Vegas, I make quite a mess in the sandbox style they offer, but that’s how I roll and the finished product always looks good. Just don’t ever ask to look at my .vegs….

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      Consider LEASING that expensive gear.  Technology changes so often and your CPA may think you are really smart, too!

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      I remind him daily we do NOT need to purchase this stuff – but it seems to be a non issue to him. In fact I told him you need the best of the best support gear if you get a camera or two of this caliber – and came up with a list of over $300k REALISTICALLY and he didn’t even flinch. I feel kind of bad – but I was trying to let him know that it won’t be cheap to support this stuff, and it kind of backfired.

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