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      Greetings! I am new here and glad I stumbled onto this forum! I am looking forward to gaining knowledge from you folks! I started looking for a camcorder to record my performances and other instructional videos that I make about a year ago. Someone from another forum had recommended the Sony HDR-CX700V but I wasn’t quite ready to make a purchase. In understanding that technology changes drastically month by month I am seeking advice as to a good camcorder that will produce good quality results that could be good enough for music videos and will work well in low light situations, such as concert venues, etc. Will the new version of this camera work well (CX760V) or is there something else in this price range that will be a better choice? I will be syncing the video with audio that I will be recording with another source but having a mic attached to the camcorder will be good so I can use that for reference.

      Any direction and advice will be greatly appreciated!

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      I have a Canon XA10 which is the least expensive of Canon’s Pro camera series, which I think may work well for you. The CX700V looks like a great camera but the XA10 may work a little better under low light conditions. It also has balanced XLR inputs for audio which can be used for mic, phanton mic, or line inputs so will allow the connection of an external audio mixer if necessary.

      The XA10 also has a LANC connector which allows smooth remote operation of some of the camerascontrols, especially zoom, remotely from atripodcontrolhandle which may be handy if you are operating back from the stage at a concert venue.

      Have a look at the comparisons at


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