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Do music videos normally get storyboarded? I've seen videos that look really planned out, and some that could have just been recorded from different angles and put together. Which works best for a music video?

Examples:Kutlass - Shut Me Out has signs of story boarding, while Hanging on by a Thread by The Letter Black doesn't have many signs of storyboarding.

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Check out this month's issue of VM and the article, "Making Music Videos".

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Craigsnedeker, I think you hit the nail on the head and answered your own question!

I watched both videos on youtube. I'm betting the Kutlass video was storyboarded thoroughly--it'd be too much to try to make that story out of random shots. I'd also bet the Letter Black video was just shot with the band acting out a "live" scene several times, then cutting the footage together and putting in extra footage for effect here and there. (It'd still be a good idea to have a script of some sort here before you just start shooting footage, though.)

In my opinion there aren't any 'rules' where you have to do it one way to do it "right". Guns N Roses did both styles and they made good videos, really (Sweet Child O' Mine and Don't Cry are examples, one from each "mold" you see here.)

I'm pumped about reading that Videomaker article now. I've been toying with ideas fora while and I'm anxious to see what others think about this. Good topic!

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Like a show or a movie, it depends on the vibe looked for. When I started making music videos in the 80s, storyboards were the norm. Lables insisted on approving before a mag was loaded. In today's reality world authenticity is sought after and more and more we see live shots and off the cuff shenanigans so the bands personality can truely be shared. Speaking only for myself, I never made a music video that was unscripted until the late 90s and I have not drawn one out since.