Music Video Shot with Canon 5D Mark II

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      This video was shot with the Canon 5D. After some research , I decided to go with the 5D rather than my XH-A1(and renting an DOF adapter).

      Work flow was much easier with the 5D, so I was happy with my decision. Hopefully this video helps others make a choice, the new 7D should be another good option and cheaper. Hope you enjoy the video.

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      This is a very nice video….I also have the 5D MII and about o make my first video…..what video editing program did you use and would you recommend Final Cut for mac

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      Great one.

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      Thanks for the kind words Crptan and Fadly.

      I use Final Cut Pro 7…haven’t used the new FCPX. Plan to hold off on that one until the bugs are worked out.

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      awesome video man! can’t say the same about the song, but at least he is actually singing and not autotuning the crap out of it! overall great work

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      What lens did you use?

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      Thank you. I agree, that a lot of music artist today do too much audio effects. But appreciate the fact that you enjoyed the video. Thanks for the time to reply.

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      I mostly used the 50mm 1.4, but also used the 24mm 1.8 on some of the wider shots. Thanks for asking.

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      Very well done. You are going to do well in the future. Good talent.

      How does it look on the big screen? Tact sharp? OK? noise? I also have the 5D – what was you average aperture setting? How long do it take to shoot it and how long to make it in post?

      OK, here is an open question: In still photography is called the aperture. In movies, it is the iris. But a DSLR like the Canon when used in stills, is it the aperture, but when used in movie mode, is it the aperture or iris? I give!!

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      Thanks Dave,

      Depending on the look and feel of the shot design, it can vary of course. I really didn’t depend on a certain aperture setting, but went with what I needed in focus to tell the story, my distance between subject. I would say I as around 2.2 if you wanted me to guess. It would be great to have a camera assistant to take down the data, but we only had half a day at each location.

      Shoot was done in a weekend. One day at a house in Northern, NJ we loved because of its modern interior and next day, at a club lounge in Brooklyn called Cafe Remy.

      It took two days to edit and color grade. We were done that Wednesday.

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       Fantastic movie! I really enjoyed it..

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      Yeah, this was a very good video. Keep up the good work.

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