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      Hello! Please comment on my
      first music video.
      (“Oskarka – I’ll
      wait for you”)

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      Grinner Hester

      It was leaps and bounds better than my foirst music video, I tell ya that.

      I’m sure there are 101 things you’d do differently next time so do it. Get out there and create another project asap.

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      Thank you for your comment.

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      Wow – That was your first?

      It was very watchable.

      My only suggestion would be to keep some of the segments a little shorter – cut to alternate views/B-roll a little quicker.

      I’d say you have a good future in this.

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      Good first effort. Something to think about next time: in this video it seems the big effect that carries the story were the people being posed as stills or standing still while she raps to the camera. This would have worked great but you can see motion; such as cars in the background that really takes away from that effect. Another thing, is try not to reuse the same footage.

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      i noticed the same thing as tomskowronski. you could take photos of the three people at 1:01 of the video and composite the singer overtop of it–that way you wouldn’t have seen motion in the background. with the motion in the background, it makes the people look like they’re posing. but i’ve seen it done both ways and maybe that’s the effect you’re going for. it seems to work at the end when everyone walks away.

      i obviously don’t understand the language but between the singer’s voice and the video, i kinda got the message of what it’s about. that’s gotta be a plus, too–you got a message across with the video. any chance you could post the lyrics in english? just curious.

      great job, though. i liked it.

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      Thank you all for your comments. This song is about
      love, the singer is waiting for her lover. When she was in a cafe, it’s her dream.
      In the chorus, she said that everyone should wait
      and feelings of love will come.

      I will translate the
      lyrics into English in the near future.

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      Please comment on my photostream

      I want to know the expert’s opinion about the composition

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