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      Hi there

      I’m new to this site, hence my low post count and apologies if this is in the wrong section.

      I run a new service within my small company doing music video
      production. We haven’t done many music videos yet, but the work is
      slowly starting roll in. The problem I’m having is charging clients the
      appropriate amount for a music video. My business partner and I feel
      that we are waaaaaay undercharging – but I want to hear feedback first.

      So my question is this; if you have some time, please watch my three
      music videos below (HD on YouTube) and in your brutal honest opinion,
      tell me the following:

      – What you thought they cost to produce…(in US $ or British pounds)
      – The production values (good, bad, etc.)
      – What you thought…

      Please don’t comment on the artist and their music (we had no control of this) – rather focus on the production of the video.

      Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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      Using the Big Houses, probably $50,000 to $100K, but the independents could probably do the same thing for half that, and I personally, given the limited range of shots and treatments, could do the same for $12K to $15K.

      The shots are overwhelmingly redundant, VERY repetitious and there appear to be some lip sync issues here and there, not that THAT is always a deal breaker. The quality of the visuals is GREAT, even awesome. Depending on how much work actually went into the shooting and editing, number of locations actually utilized and how many times the artists had to repeat the song from the various setups, I see a LOT of potential … while I don’t “get off” that much on music videos anymore, so consequently haven’t been keeping up with the genre, I don’t know really what the trends are at present. But I do know a LOT of improvement could be had simply by having MORE shots to cut to/from … and I know THAT will add to the production costs. So, assuming you’ve come up with a “formula” for keeping costs down while attempting to maintain some serious aesthetics and visuals, I’d say a lot of artists would appreciate your work, budget-wise.

      Over all, good production value.

      And my production assessment and thoughts are in the above. Hope this means something. Maybe others will chime in.

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      Martin, I watched part of all three videos and found them to look very professional but I can’t give an estimate for production cost (no experience there). My first question would be ‘How did the customer like the finished product? Do they like the look and timing and length of the music video? If you are getting great feedback from your customer, then you are producing a valuable product and can charge accordingly. Hopefully others with experience in this type of production can give estimates based on the reception your product receives. There is only one comment that I have from what I viewed on the videos. I noticed on the first video that the color values on the scenes on the sand appeared to be different on the overhead shot compared to the straight on shot. Not a big deal and maybe this was intended. Keep shooting.

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      I really like the work you did, and I think that quality is awesome. I only shot a couple videos, and I like yours better than mine. I think you did excellent. I would say looking at the quality start at $3,500.00 just to shoot. Not including edit time. Maybe $4,500.00 for a starter package. I’m still working out the details. Good Luck!

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      The market place for music video production usually falls into one of three categories in Australia.

      All your 3 videos have the look and feel of a quality production.

      The current market place cost for a top production house from start to finish for a 4 minute video would be AUD$50,000 (US$53,000). These top production houses use independents, like yours truly, on the shoot but they do their own in house editing. As these type of production companies have international affiliations, I suspect the prices are similar the world over.

      Working as an independent, with a proven track record,in a competitive market place the going cost for a similar production would be AUD$20,000.End quality would be equal to top production house only thing missing would the free lunches and never ending production meetings.

      At the bottom end of the market for a 3 minute video where production quality is reduced but still good enough to make in onto the TV music channels the current going cost is AUD$5,000. Normally a one day, one location shoot.

      With music videos it is best if the talent lip sync the song otherwisethe live singing takes will end up over or under by a few seconds. Its important on the day of the shoot to ensure there will be no lip sync problems in post.

      PS: There is absolutely no way one could ever charge Beyonc’ for a music video.

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