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      I shoot 90% Weddings but here is a music video I just finished for a friend.

      suggestions welcome…

      SD all natural lighting (whse) 2 floods for backlighting.


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      I noticed a couple of small things. In the song intro everyone is shown getting prepared to perform except the singer. He is shown performing. (approx. 30 seconds in) my opinion to keep the same look and feelyou might considershowing the singer putting a mic in it’s stand, or getting a mic out of it’s box, or placing the mic stand something like that. That way all the band members are getting ready to perform. That one shot just seems a bit out of place.

      Also at approx 2:11 the image gets blurred. Is that intentional, going out of focus? or what?.. If that is the only take, or the best take, then I’d considera transistion such as a zooming replace or other transition that would hide that blur. There is just enough there that it catches the eye.

      Over all a pretty good piece of work.

      Other thoughts, especially for future shoots. This type of video is one that may have benefitted from the speed up slow down method of shooting music video. That is where one speeds up the music by 20% does the shoot and then slows the whole thing down to normal speed during post/ It does give a different look to the shots.

      Here is a good explanation of how do to this:

      I’d also recommend 24 P for this kind of video as well. You could also try some things with saturation (more in some parts, less in others) or maybe a movie look filter. I use these techniques, though I shoot country music videos. Mostly low budget stuff you can see a few examples here:

      Take a look at some of the videos shot or directed by Eugenia Loli-Queru. She has video posted at youtube and vimeo as well as on her own site. A search on vimeo will find several videos.

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