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      Here are two versions of the same music video I recently shot and cut. The song is called “Nowhere” by the Seattle band VerleeRose. I’ve done music videos before, but always just dudes playing in bars. This was the first “concept” style video I’ve done. I’m pretty happy with the way they both turned out.

      The first is basically cuts only, and the second a little fancier editing with a filter applied.

      Shot with a DVX-100B. Cut with FCP6.

      Check these out, any feedback, critique or otherwise is welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

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      Oh, well, apparently you don’t use embed code, you just copy the url. Nice.

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      Kenzo, enjoyed the clip. The second “treated” production is much more creative and pleasing to the eye IMHO. Also, I could not get clear, clean audio (jitters and judders throughout) on the first clip, so went to the second and it played audio nice, clear, clean and smooth. I have often run into experiences with Vimeo where the audio doesn’t play back smoothly, dunno why, and haven’t tried to figure out why. I just know it happens more often than I think it should.

      The clips, however, are well produced. You did well and should be proud. I dunno that there’s anything I’d have done differently, and yeah I put my time in on garage bands, and other musical talents, including production of a number of musical instructional videos. Not a music aficianado but I get by 🙂

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      Thanks for checking the videos out EarlC.

      I am partial to the second edit myself. Interesting, after I finished the first, I thought it was great, didn’t want to do another. I’m not really big into filters or FX, the manager said “Well, the girls are young, and so are most of their fans, so go nuts!” So I did, and I ended up liking it more than the original.

      I’ve had difficulty with vimeo too. The second edit won’t play properly at all on vimeo, the audio is totally out of synch. It’s just awful. Youtube has made leaps and bounds with their quality recently, so my aversion to them may be evaporating.

      Once again, thanks for looking!

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I really like the second one. The colors becomes part of the music, Good job. I like the way it its and the song its good.

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      very cool!! nice pleasing blends. i have done the live music thing but also looking to shoot my first studio music video (maybe this week). hope i have as good results.

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      very clean looking. good work

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      Sweet. Thanks guys.

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      Liked the seconds one best good job nice song by the way

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      Great job. I like the second much better. Good choice by the manager to push your talent to show your true creativity.

      Color choices were great,camera work and editing were good. Only advice I would give you is to hold back on the transitions and effects. Only use transitions if it absolutely carries the story. Continue to share your work. Appreciate it.

      Check out my video (first music video as well) on vimeo/shootatwill(free your soul). You may want to check out Vimeo’s different format recommendations for the audio and frame rate to make sure you don’t go off sync. I go with 30fps and 48khz and everything works fine for me.

      Best of luck on your next project!


Viewing 9 reply threads
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