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      I have seen various videos posted, some in these forums such as wedding videos that appear to be using popular comercial music. I know that it is very hard for the small video producer to get music rights for projects like weddings and small events. So I was just curious what everyone is doing.

      I have seen a website called that is attempting to provide licensing to popular music for small productions but their selections are limited at this time but it seems to be what is needed for the small producer.

      I am intrested in everyones thoughts on this issue.

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      Piracy is why legit companies have to pay so much for music. Theft is always uncool.

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      I have a huge library of Royalty Free music plus CineScore and Sonic Fire Pro with dozens of libraries – so if I can’t find a really good piece of music to fit a particular scene, it hasn’t been recorded yet.

      I know many video producers (weddings in particular) use non-licensed music (I do too for my own private videos like kids, vacations and such) but it really isn’t worth the risk (and the costs incurred) of getting nailed by the DMCA.

      Just MHO.

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      I also have CineScore and a library royalty free thanks to being introduced to Digital Juice. I also will not provide unlicensed music for a client.

      I think the music publishers and record labels are missing a huge opportunity they could easily get $10 per song for wedding productions or similar small projects as opposed to a 99 cent download for personal use with a lot less risk of piracy from the video producer. Just my 2 cents worth.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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