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      I was just wondering where you all get music from for your videos… I know there are many ways of LEGALLY downloading music, but I’m not entirely sure about copyright laws and such, and if it is illegal to put songs in my videos. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Most times I download music from Pond5. They have really cheap music and it’sroyaltyfree (you can use it for whatever you want after you pay). Although I have a music composer in my business most times I download pieces from Pond5 for projects such as weddings, photo montages and others. I call the composer for my business promo videos and other special projects. Be aware that having a composer means having a contract with them and registering the music (which is a pain).

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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Ben, let us know about your ultimate use of the music, if for commercial purposes (you plan to sell it) then there will be more restrictions, if for personal or academic, one of my favorites Videomaker has had to make a few purchases as a company, and Sonicfire Pro tends to come up when we talk stock media.

      If you’re still looking for a place to start, check out one of June’s buyer’s guide, feel free to look up the PDF on page three, I helped put that together for you!


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      I normally

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      I use Sonic Fire Pro and Digital Juice’s Backtraxx, StackTraxx & Music Box products – This covers about 95% of my needs.

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      There are a number of free and cheap site that simply ask for credit and you can use them in commercial projects. Most are under the creative commons attribution license. That means as long as you credit the composer you can use it for free. Here just a few of the free and cheap sites. (sorry for the shameless self-promotion)

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      My main sources are and they both are free.

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      Always check when you get copyright advice that you’re in the same country! The US and the UK are the same on many points but very different in others. Here in the UK for small runs, maybe think dance show videos – you can use pop music and get a license very simply for DVD – want to put it on the net? More complicated. As I understand it the US have no equivalent to our Limited Manufacture License. Copyright is really tricky. I always smile at SOund Effects CDs – they nearly all require payment for public performance – so why not build it into the cost? Copyright free also needs checking – it rarely means there is NO copyright, just that certain uses are free, so you must always check, and even when you are sure you’ve sorted it, you can still get it wrong!

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      you can use programs like garage band to lay down some basic loops too…
      example here is a sound mix I made to “Fill in” a clip from an indie film I’m working on…
      I have one band, and one very talented dj who’ll contribute music to the project as well…
      but my mix fits a need for the time being, and later when ther’s more budgtet I have one of the bands redo the peices i made….

      here is part of a clip the music is from my movie, but the video is just a test of a $1.00 camera dolly I’m working on..

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