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Hey all! Just curious how many filmmakers here are composers as well. (And I don't mean people who put loops together in GarageBand!) I mean those who know music theory, and compose, write, and/or perform. I thoght a thread on this topic would be interesting as indie filmmakers are always seeking cheap royalty-free music. Here are a few samples of my most recent scores. Everyone feel free to post their work!

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I had played the violin for a few years and I can write basic compositions of what I want. When I'm figuring out a melody I'm thinking how the music can become part of the camera angles and the movement of my movie. I imagine a full orchestra with many instrument, but I only have a violin so I start playing the whole melody for a violin solo and then I use Finale to write a clear melody. I am lucky because a friend of mine is my composer and he help me polish my melody, fix the many mistakes I make and put the rest of the orchestra I imagine. I like to work with him because we both know music and we can share our ideas more clearly.


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If you're fairly well fluent with playing a real instrument, you might want to look at this piece of software to add a full orchestra to your compositions:

It's called East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra. There is also a version for vocal's (yes, you can type in the words and have a choir sing what you entered! -

Here's a better example:

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