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      Hi Everyone,

      Where can I purchase really excellent quality (royalty FREE) music for my documentary? I am looking for all types of music beds with full arrangements. Note: I prefer ordering CD’s instead of downloading off the net – I will still consider that an option though.

      Thanks for your help!

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      it’s hard to find royalty free music that doesn’t sound cheese, but i’ve had some luck with:

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      Assuming you don’t want custome lengths (in which case I’d tell you to look at Sonic Fire Pro from SmartSound –, then look at Digital Juice’s StackTraxx –

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      I love the royalty-free soundtracks that Kevin MacLeod creates. I found him online a few years ago when searching for midi tracks. I’ve used his stuff (Creative Commons license which means you have to give him a credit when you use his stuff in a project). He has lots of great themes in many genres, moods and tempos. They don’t sound like Muzak, they sound good. He’s got a great selection that you can easily download. I usually donate ($5 or $10) whenever I use his music but it’s not required.

      You can audit his compositions at Click on “Royalty Free Music” and browse by genre or feel.

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      You can also take a look at the large selection of Royalty-free music and SFX at Sony Creative Software. It’s a pretty big collection and it covers most of the genres so you’ll have to dig through them and definitely listen to the samples.

      I use Digital Juice motion graphics but I’m not too fond of the ‘Juicer’ software that you have to use to get anything off the disc’s properly. With Sony’s stuff, get disc, upload, done.

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      I’ve used Music2Hues, the above-mentioned SonicFire, Music Bakery.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester
      Participant is yer buddy.

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      Inactive has loads of free music and sound effects.
      Just found it from a post in some forum I can’t remember but for free royalty free music, what a find!

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      else if I pay, I usually use sound-ideas or, think opuzz is having a sale.

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      I cannot read or write music.

      I cannot sing either.

      but since my mac came with Garage Band, I figure I’d sooner make my own crappy music, than buy someone elses crappy music.

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      If you want something custom, I do all my own music (I was a musician before I was a photographer before I started doing video). I can write and record a few didies and email them to you.
      You tell me what it’s worth??? I ain’t greedy … just really need work
      Here is an example of one of my recent videos … with my background music ..


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      Member is a more relevant choice here πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps!

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      Member is a more relevant choice here πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps!

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