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      Hi Everyone-

      I have a segment where I’ll be filming a girl driving an early 60’s muscle car (Sting Ray). The focus will be on the driver and the car, and I would like to make it look like she’s driving at night. I don’t know how to produce this effect. Ican’t take it on the road, so that’s out. I do have pro car mounting equipment, and a green screen, and a large warehouse to shoot in. Most of my shots I want to be very tight, so the external contents (ie: street, open road etc.) is not important.

      I’ll be using an XL2 (20x and 3x lenses).

      Any tips appreciated. Good day.

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      Go to and watch the tutorials on greenscreening a stationary car and doing post work for day for night. You’ll have to make adjustments for your particular situation, but these are very good starting points.

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      Grinner Hester

      You could key it and add a fan to blow her hair but, man, I’d sooner just find a Sting Ray you can take out to shoot the scene. You’ll have a large supply of eager beavers if ya hit your local classic car club(s).

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