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      I will try and explain this briefly. I havevideos on multiple tracks with composite mode set to 3D Source Alpha. I have “pushed back” the tracks, using Track Motion, so I have a checkerboard of 9 tracks playing. I want to, in turn, bring forward each track such that it plays full screen then push it back and bring another track forward, and so on. I have all 9 tracks playing in their respective spot but if I bring, for instance, the second track playing forward the video on the track above, of course, plays on top of it. Can this somehow be done by changing the “camera” by using the parent/child relationship? If so, I don’t know how to maniplulate multiple track motions at once. Help! Thanks

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      Grinner Hester

      No need to track, unless I am misunderstanding.

      Use After Effects. Stack your PIP effects as desired then use the camera to go to each clip full screen. This will take the other clips with it. If you just want to fly one in full screen at a time, you can do that in any NLE just by placing that clip on the top track just before your move.

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      That is fine except I don’t have Affter Effects and not sure I can afford it right now. I would like to have it at some point though.

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      …What if you split the video in the moment the video would be on “top” of the other and then placed it in the top track? Maybe you could do that to each one, and i dont think it would interfere with other videosin different tracks…

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      have you tried playing with the Opacity of each track? bring it to 100% when you need it and 0% when you don’t

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      Basically, you’ll need to create 9 video tracks, modifying each one’s track motion (change size and position in the track motion window) with the blue and white arrow button on each video track. The topmost track order deciphers the order of tracks displayed in the video. In your situation, you’ll probably need to apply 3D track motion (setting the Alpha option to 3D Alpha) and set the Z-Position to change, using keyframes,in order to modify the display track order. Take a look at some of SonyCreativeSoftware site’s training videos for information that covers track motion:

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