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      I know my newb status will be glaringly obviouswith this question, but: why are multiple video timelines needed? I’ve found I can do nicely with justone. BTW, I tried to add this topic in the “post-production” forum, but it wouldn’t open up.


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      I use multiples in many ways. Often it’s to sync up two camera views and then I cut between the two lines. Also, you can have two different size images or video on the screen at once, or have a picture fly in over a video. I’ve also used one video inside another for news cast type sets where the newscaster looks at a TV with some footage rolling. When you brand a logo to the video it always requires another line. When you add sound effects you need separate lines of audio. One a recent documentary I had 9 lines of audio to incorporate all the sounds of a hotel fire at night. I don’t usually use more than 2 lines of HDV but can handle 3 without much computer slow down.

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      Multiple video tracks come in handy when you are compositing (putting one video layer over another) or creating certain effects (like enhancing colors or picture-in-picture). I also use them when using track motion (where I move or zoom the video) and want to segregate the video so I don’t effect any other video track.

      Using special effects and lots of track motion, I have had projects with 100 video tracks, and usually average about four or five per project, along with two or three audio tracks.

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      titles, special effects, and all the liking.

      I use them to cover up jerked shots at church with slides

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      Another example of multiple track use.

      You have a long clip of a talking head. Nothing to watch but has a good story to tell. So you run it on one track to set the subject and for the audio. Now you have several short clips covering the subject of the talking head’s discussion. You strategically place these on secondary tracks toadd to the interestofthe comments. This lets you come back to the talking head at any time and it still be in sync with the audio since it was playing thewhole time.

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