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      I do wedding vid and recently bought a Dell Dimension 4700, I assume I’ll need more memory (512 mb) and an external disk drive.
      My normal wedding uses 2 JVC Mini D/V Cameras, one behind the alter and one at the back of the santuary. My presant method uses the JVC built in editor and my old Amiga for text and graphics. In this months (Feb. 2005) Videomaker page 14 is an ad for Multicam software. This requires that you have Premier Pro 1.5 and a special video card.
      I would have thought that most midpriced Editors would sync 2 or more Cameras and graphics. I guess this would key on sound ? What, if any, programs allow syncing. If there are choices what are the least expencive.
      Thanks Drafter

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      This is a good start.
      And Yes I started with a Vic-20 Then the Highly advanced C=128 the later I used for titles the text was rough but it could scroll, move sideways with more than one line at a time and the graphic “sprites” added intrest. With the Amiga and a genloc you can superimpose the graphics over the video.

      Thanks again

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