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      I shoot 4 camera views, simultaneously and I let the cameras run continuously. Then I dump all 4 tapes on to my hard drive, using LE 6.1 SP2. This last play that I shot was only 50 minutes long, but I shot 3 performances, 2 days in a row for one cast and 2 days of another cast. That’s like 40 some old hours of footage. I guess if I stay at it, I can get all that on to my hard drive in a week. There has got to be a better way.

      The reason I use LE is because of the multi camera sync feature. I love that about LE. But I found out that it won’t allow me to sync imported media; it all has to be captured through LE, so capturing directly to individual hard drives won’t work. I guess I need LE to offer a multi camera capture feature.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks, …Tim

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