Multicam Video Editing Tips

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      The article “Multicam Video Editing Tips” was very practical and should help people who want to do multicamera shoots. Similar techniques can be applied to dual-system audio productions, where the audio is recorded onto a separate recorder instead of the camera. For example you might want to take a feed from a soundboard into a portable audio recorder like the Zoom H4. This really simplifies the recording because you don’t have to run a cable to one of the cameras.

      There is another option for doing the synchronization. Our company is developing a product called PluralEyes that does it automatically. It is currently in beta testing and we welcome new testers who would like to try it out. There’s a short video here that shows how it works and the variety of multicamera productions that the independent video producer might want to consider.

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      Better. Still fairly blatant commercial advertising, but the original article was over the top.

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      nice for consumer multicam production, awsome program if it works good, do you know how much frame the software can be off ? like a range of 0 to15 exemple.

      but you are wrong in your video when you talk about the turn off and on camera tc.

      Most of the professional cam have a TC in input, you set the TC to external and free run.

      Take you camera 1 put the TC to 10:00:00:00 and free run

      take The TC out of the cam in and plug it in the TC in of the cam 2, set cam 2 to TC external , free run.

      Now your cam 1 and 2 are perfectly syncronised, even if you turn off cam 1, there is a lytium batterie that will make the TC running because your in free run.

      But it still seem to be a awsome software for medium and low budget production, im sure you gonnamake some money from it garantied.

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      > Most of the professional cam have a TC in input, you set the TC to external and free run.

      Good point, but the article and my comments were aimed at people who may not have equipment that can do that, or who would like to avoid even that much preparation.

      > do you know how much frame the software can be off ?

      Zero. It is accurate to the exact frame under a wide range of conditions.

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      Yea i know, looks like an awsome software, you could easely sell it to big compagny like adobe or avid to incorporate it as a plug-in. Its not everyday that somebody come out whit a software like this, specialy if you tell my that the tolerance is 0 frame.

      like in avid media composer when you work in multicam, the only reference you can set is whit tc, or clip start or end … Because even whit manual syncro you can be easely be off 2-3 frame. nice program, i cant test it right now but i will when i get the chance.

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