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      I am looking for feedback on who has the best Multicam Video Editing Software that runs on a personal computer. I know that some of the newer packages have this feature built in. I know that some people have used workarounds for older software such as Premier 6. Is there anyone out there who has any strong options on a good way to go?

      Thanks, MCTV

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      I know Avid and Final Cut Pro have multicam capabilities. I never used em though

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      As much as you guys hear me gripe about Avid, nobody comes close to their multicam capabilities.

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      Yea, I’ve heard the same thing. It’s one of the features that people like in Avid over FCP….according to what I hear/read

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      A very functionable NLE, Sony Vegas Pro 9 supports MultiCam editing, and is relatively cheap in wholesale right now. Might not be the fastest in multicam editing, as my 1.66 GHz Core2Duo system runs very slick until you enter the suite of real-time multicam editing, though – may be all relative.

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      InfinitiCam from VASST (click here) is awesome if you’re using Vegas. Supports up to 100 cameras.

      Their script library – Ultimate S (click here) supports up to four cameras.

      Ed Troxel’s Excalibur ( is another great script library that has multicam support for Vegas.

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      I’ve been using Premiere Pro CS4 for 3 cam videos. Once you get the basics, it’s dead simple. I use one Sony HD and 2 Flip HD cams, and even with the differing frame rates and resolution, they all match up easily.

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      Vegas Pro works great for me as well for Multicam, and I use plural eye’s for sync it works great in Vegas

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      I use Premiere Pro CS4 and I can’t imagine an easier way to do it. It works just as if you are live at the event and sitting behind the video switcher with the monitors in front of you. You study the monitors and switch from cam 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 as you deem best and the output of the switcher is recorded on a timeline.

      Yet it is superior to a switcher in that you can easily edit the switch points after the fact (on the timeline), something you cannot do with the live switcher.

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