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      I recently switched from FCP to PPro CS5.5, and find that I, too, have this multicam will not “switch only video” problem.

      I’ve unchecked “Audio follows video” in the Multicam panel menu.
      In my Multicam sequence, I’ve locked the audio track (A1, which has the audio from MC1) — camera #1 has the best audio.

        Yet every time I switch cameras in the Multicam panel if I’m switching to MC2, MC3, or MC4 PPro adds the audio from that camera in a new A2 track in my Multicam sequence. I then need to Unlink that clip in the Multicam sequence, and delete its audio from A2.

        There’s gotta’ be a better way…how do I switch only the video during a multicam edit?


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    Open the multicam monitor (under the “Window” drop down menu) and switch cameras there by clicking on the image you want. I find this is easier to use than the method you described.

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